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For beginners Mandarin Course
Posted by: Studyha (IP Logged)
Date: May 22, 2015 12:32AM
Mandarin Course

For beginners you'll learn many useful Chinese expressions like greeting, enquiry, etc.
I'll teach you how to say in Chinese.
For example,” good morning" 早上好
"thank you"谢谢
"Where is ABC Street?"ABC街道在哪儿呢?
"May you write it down for me?"你可以把它写下来给我吗?
"Can you take me to ABC Street?"你可以带我到ABC街吗?
"How much is it?"它是多少钱呢?
"What's your cellophane number?"請問你的手機電話是什麼呢?
"I'll contact you later"我稍后会与您联系
"What's your name?"你叫什么名字呢?
"Do you speak English?"你会讲英语吗?
"My name is Albert"我的名字是Albert
"I'll meet you in ABC Street, OK?"我可以約你在ABC街等嗎?
"What's it?"它是什么?
"It's very good. I like."这是非常好,我喜欢
And many other phrases, some specific business terms.....You may repeat to say to people and memories quickly.

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