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How this cheongsam look like?
Posted by: 3forjudy (IP Logged)
Date: August 14, 2010 04:37AM
I like Chinese culture and I'm interested in their oriental items.Especially the cheongsam.I have bought two cheongsam before. Now I want to get my third one. Here is my target.
But I don't know whether the color of the cheongsam is too bright to me. I'm 38 years old. Please give me your opinions.

Re: How this cheongsam look like?
Posted by: Trien (IP Logged)
Date: August 14, 2010 10:13PM
It's not a "cheongsam". Cheongsam = long sleeved clothing. What you have there is Qipao which is a dress with a Mandarin collar [a term created by foreigners in English which using Mandarin, the word used to mean those court officials of ancient China + the word "collar".] from the Manchus have this type of clothing. Women would wear either cheongsam which are long sleeved shirt / blouse and long pants. I think they don't have slits on the Qipaos of the past due to Manchus following Chinese ways of being modest and conservative.

Cheongsam is from Cantonese and Cheongsam literally means "LONG clothing" for it has LONG sleeved shirts and LONG pants for both males & females
Qipao is a DRESS with or without slits on the sides which are remnants of Manchu rule. The Mandarin equivalent to Cheongsam is Changshan. Once again, cheongsam is NOT the same as qipao. Cheongsam can be worn by both men & women, not men alone.

Wikipedia has it WRONG: Cheongsam is NOT the same as Qipao.
Those depicted in the picture is Qipao, not Cheongsam / Changshan even though
it's under the Cheongsam entry when it should be under the Qipao entry! English has mixed up the meanings of both Cheongsam / Changshan & Qipao!!!

Check here:

Re: How this cheongsam look like?
Posted by: 3forjudy (IP Logged)
Date: August 20, 2010 03:15AM
Very thanks, Trien. You give me a lesson and let me know more about this. I believe it is useful for others. Others who can give me some suggestions about this Qipao.

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