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Ancient Chinese Jokes
Posted by: Richard1981 (IP Logged)
Date: September 23, 2010 12:49AM
Half Dose Left

A farmer went to town to buy medicine for his wife. As he didn't know how to call a doctor, he asked a boy playing in front of the local doctor's house for help. His rustic speech and ways made the naughty boy want to play a trick on him. So the boy told him that he should call a doctor quack.

The farmer stepped into the house, bowed down, and said respectfully: "How are you, quack......"

The doctor
who thought it was a malicious joke got very angry and given the farm a big slap on his cheek.

"I want some medicine
for my wife, quack"

A bigger slap fell on the other cheek of the farmer.

"Is that all?" the farmer said surprisedly.

"Yes, and get out!" the doctor shouted.

The farmer rushed home. Seeing his wife who was being tortured by fever, without saying anything, he slapped solidly on her face. His wife was frightened by this sudden attack and thus broke out in a cold sweat which magically cured her fever.

The farmer happily rushed back to the doctor's house. "Thank you, quack. You cured my wife" he said, "The medicine you gave to me has half dose left. Now I give it back." Then He gave the doctor a ringing slap.

Kick Me Instead

While a doctor was shopping in the market, his head was suddenly hit by the plow on a farmer's back. The angry doctor seized the farmer and started punch him with his fist.

The farmer knelt down to beg, “Please kick me instead.”

"Why would you rather me kick you?" the doctor said in surprise.
The terrified farmer replied: "Everyone treated by your hands will certainly die."

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Re: Ancient Chinese Jokes
Posted by: Ninial (IP Logged)
Date: December 01, 2010 02:59AM
Thanks fro sharing ,very funny. Actually i think that the farmer in the first joke is not so silly ,haha ,he gave back the half dose,hahahah...

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