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Chinese word 落汤鸡 (luòtāngjī) Completely Soaked
Posted by: Mychinesestudyschool (IP Logged)
Date: October 30, 2012 02:14AM
“落汤鸡 (luòtāngjī)” is the phrase for “Soaked.” The character “落 (luò)” means drop or decline; ”汤 (tāng)” means soup and “鸡 (jī)” means chicken.


Tā zhèngzài lùshang zǒuzhe, tūrán xiàqǐ le dàyǔ, jiéguǒ lín de xiàng gè
luòtāngjī yíyàng.


He was walking on the road and suddenly it began to rain. Therefore, he is
completely soaked.

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