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The Han Dynasty
Posted by: Judyfengliu (IP Logged)
Date: January 26, 2013 01:38AM
The Han Dynasty(1)

Written By Judy F. Liu

The Han Dynasty affected China most. For example, Mandarin, the Chinese we speak and write, and the Han nationality, which is the biggest nationality, came from the Han Dynasty.

And of course, our Chinese(language) is different from that time, both in writing and speaking.
The history of the Han Dynasty has two versions. In the popular one, the Han Dynasty has two main periods. One is the Western Han(BC206-AD8), and the other one is the Eastern Han(AD25-AD220).

In the other version, this dynasty has three main periods – the Western Han(BC206-AD8), the Eastern Han(AD25-AD220)and the Shu(3 tone) Han(AD220-AD263). The capital of the Eastern Han was Luo(4)yang(2), and the capital of the Western Hand was Cheng(2)du(1).

Based on the capital’s location, we have two versions.(Both versions are based according to the capitals’ location. )And we call all of them the Han Dynasty because they were ruled by the same family(Liu(2)刘).

The founder of the Eastern,Western and Shu Han dynasties were Liu Bang(21), Liu Xiu(24), and Liu Bei(24)(if you have read Romance of Three Kingdom, you absolutely know him)respectively

Re: The Han Dynasty
Posted by: Judyfengliu (IP Logged)
Date: February 22, 2013 01:02AM
The Han Dynasty (2)

Written by Judy F. Liu

In the first version (the Han Dynasty has two periods), there is a legend about why the Han Dynasty has two periods, why it was broken in the middle.

According to the legend, when Liu Bang, the founder of the Eastern Han was just an ordinary beadle ( a lower police officer), he took some people, including some criminals and common people, under escort to Mount Lishan(骊山41) to fulfil their obligations. They called this kind of obligation “yaoyi(24)” , and the people who were on duty had to do a lot of heavy work. The Dynasty didn’t pay them for it, they were for free.
However, on the way to Mount Lishan, some people ran away. According to the law of the day, Liu Bang and the rest of the people who didn’t run away, would have to have their heads chopped off as a punishment.

So, he and the other people discussed this, and in the end they decided to rebel. And that night they met a huge snake. In China, we call big snakes “mang(3莽)”, python.

The big snake told them he wanted to join them, and he hoped that when they were successful, they could let him manager all the small animals –which he could eat, such as chickens, rabbits and so on.

And because the snake was so huge, Liu Bang and his people were scared of him, and because they were so scared they didn’t hear him clearly. Of course they didn’t ask him to repeat himself. Liu Bang pulled out his sword as if to attack him.

Then the snake said to Liu Bang: “If you chop off my head, I will be the next emperor after the first emperor of your dynasty. If you chop off my tail, I will be the next emperor after the last emperor of your dynasty.”

However, Liu Bang chopped off the middle of the snake unexpectedly. After the attack, the snake asked Liu when he could replace the Han Dynasty to be an emperor.

Liu Bang didn’t think after the snake was cut into two that it would be able to speak, so he was scared, and ran away as fast as he could. In the mean time, he said: “ wait for the Pingdi(平地24, here he meant when he was running down the mountain and arrived at the plat ground, he would tell him.)we’ll see.”

He didn’t think that at the time of Emperor Ping’s rule(平帝pingdi24 of the Eastern Han), a man who named Wang Mang(王莽23) would seize the power from him.

Of course this is just a myth—Wang Mang couldn’t be a big snake (mang莽OR蟒蛇mangshe32)who died and turned into a man.

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Re: The Han Dynasty
Posted by: Judyfengliu (IP Logged)
Date: March 03, 2013 10:43AM
The Han Dynasty 3

Created By Judy Feng Liu

All right! Let’s stop talking about the introduction of the Han Dynasty, and take a good look at the detail of that dynasty, which had a huge impact on the Han Dynasty.
There is a lot of historical data about the Han Dynasty, which included numerous people and things, due to the fact that it ruled China for over four hundred years. So, I would not be able to write down all of them in just one book.

I will sketch out the major events and the people of that time in a way which enable all of you to read and understand it easily.

In this book, I will write down what every emperor of the Han Dynasty did and I will let you know what had happened during that time.

As China describes periods in history according to which emperor was ruling before the reign of Emperor Hanwu. After Hanwu's reign they began to describe periods in history by the emperor's title.So, my dear reader, you will read about these two different historical kinds of time systems in this book. But, do not worry about the time, I will note the time and let you know when it would have been in Gregorian calendar.Well, I will begin by introducing Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han Dynasty in the next chapter

Re: The Han Dynasty
Posted by: Judyfengliu (IP Logged)
Date: May 23, 2013 01:09PM
The Han Dynasty 4

——Liu Bang(1)

Created By Judy Feng Liu

256BC was a lucky year for King Zhaowang of Qin.

That year, the canal bank-Jian Beng was completed at Shu county of Qin (Nowadays, we call this canal bank ‘Du Jiangyan’)

During that year, King Zhaowang of Qin finally wiped out the nominal ruler, of the West Zhou Dynasty, through his unremitting effort.

Also, that year, he got eight bronze tripods which symbolized state power (originally there were nine, but one fell into the river during transportation.) These eight bronze tripods, each weighing around five hundred kilos, were priceless treasures which his ancestors and other kingdoms had dreamt about having for a long time but without success.

If things continued as they were, it would be just a matter of time for Qin to unite the whole country.

However, King Zhaowang of the Qin didn’t know that at the time of his national power upgrading, a man was born at Pei County who would put an end to the Qin dynasty in the future.

According to the ancient tradition in China (the tradition of recording in the historical books), all the emperors of China, they would be different from the rest. They would be characterized once they were born. So, this enemy of Qin was out of the ordinary in our historical books.

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Re: The Han Dynasty
Posted by: Judyfengliu (IP Logged)
Date: December 14, 2013 10:21AM
The Han Dynasty 5

——Liu Bang(2)

Created By Judy Feng Liu

The day was cloudy, and the high pressure was making it hard for people to breathe. Liu Bang’s father, Liu Taigong, was worried about Liu Bang’s mother, Liu Ao, being outside, if she got wet she would become ill, so he hastily walked out the door with an umbrella.

(Notes: Due to the fact that there were no records of the name of Liu Bang’s parents in the historical books, it only said his father was Liu Taigong and his mother was Liu Ao. But these two names are questionable. Because if we use our present day language to explain them, his father was named Mr. Old Liu and his mother was named Granny Liu. Although the records in some historical books said that his father was called Liu Zhijia, and his mother was named Wang Hanshi, the references were not trusted. So, nowadays, his parents are also known as Liu Taigong and Liu Ao. )

Yes, Judy is bold, and sometimes dares to use the sources from unofficial history. But in this case I would not dare to give names to Liu Bang’s parents .

Maybe God was impressed by Liu Taigong’s concern for his wife that rainy day, so on his way to meet her, God lit his way with lightening

With God’s help, Liu Taigong saw a horrible scene, with the help of the light from the lightening, of his mother dozing and a dragon lying on her body(I think Liu Bang’s mother was hard of hearing) and the dragon was unexpectedly…

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Re: The Han Dynasty
Posted by: Judyfengliu (IP Logged)
Date: March 19, 2015 01:16AM
The Han Dynasty(6)

Created by Judy Feng Liu

Liu Taigong saw that dragon was doing some intimate actions to Liu Ao, which only Liu Taigong should have been able to do.

After seeing this, Liu Taigong couldn’t stand it. He intended to beat the dragon away, but for some reason, we don’t know whether it was because he was old or he had just walked too fast before he got there, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get close to the dragon. He could just stand there and watch the whole thing.

After the dragon was satisfied himself, he disappeared. At that time, Liu Taigong regained his strength and brought Liu Ao home.

And next, Liu Ao was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. But Liu Taigong got another surprise because of the boy’s left leg.

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