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Indonesian musician interested in Chinese's current music scene
Posted by: Niki.Wonoto (IP Logged)
Date: August 06, 2009 02:30AM
Dear everybody,
ni hao?

I am new to this board.
My name is Niki Wonoto, and I myself am an Indonesian-chinese musician/composer/songwriter.
It has always been my deepest wish to be able to share and expand my music to wider, international audience.

Some of my music compositions can be easily heard here at: []
Please give it a listen for some minutes.
They're still mostly 'calm, and tranquil' instrumental music.
But I am currently also writing songs with lyrics, and also with my vocal (yes, I also sing smiling smiley ).

What I am really interested to know is: how is the Chinese's current music scene now?
About a year ago, I've bought a book while visiting to Hongkong, and it's a book about the "Change in China", and a Chapter on the "New chinese youth generation & culture" has particularly really made me interested.
It said of how the Chinese society, especially in the big, fast-growing major-cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, have really grown a lot, musically, and also in terms of music appreciation.

I've also read that there are now a lot of "indie musicians" in China,
which I myself was also part of, in last year, here in Indonesia.
So is it true that the music scene (or industry) in China has grown a lot, and has much much changed, compared to few years ago, while it's only the typical "Chinese pop" that can be heard everywhere in the whole country?

And especially after you guys have listened to some of my music,
do you think there's definitely a 'market' or 'audience' for me, if I were to be serious to expand my music into the Chinese music market/audience?
Especially for the young/'new' generation, do you think they would gladly accept my kind of music style?

Any opinion would be greatly appreciated, as I am still not too familiar, and still somewhat 'new' to this whole Chinese's current music scene.

Xie Xie (thank you).

Niki Wonoto

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