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Movie « Be there or be square », on internet with english subtitles
Posted by: rose_C (IP Logged)
Date: October 21, 2007 08:34AM
Film info: []

Although it's been given 7.3 stars but if you know more about Chinese you will find it better than worth that. It is a romantic comedy about two Chinese in America.

Chinese humor.
Some might be hard to understand unless you know more abt Chinese language.
For example, when chinese meet each other we tend to ask each other, "have you eaten yet?" 你吃了吗?the funny part is how he answered in the movie. interested in finding out?

* part 1
* part 2
* part 3
* part 4

Might take a while to load (about half an hour). Pause it for a bit, it is a good way to learn Chinese.
Worth watching as well!

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Re: Movie « Be there or be square », on internet with english subtitles
Posted by: demoore (IP Logged)
Date: October 22, 2007 06:26AM
Thank you Rose for the link.
I've watched the movie, it's very fast here in China. And it's a good illustration of the other post: Are Chinese people unconscious racists?

This is the story of two Chinese people leaving in USA. In the movie only Chinese people are good, the American are, stupid, drag-queen, bank-robber, noisy, brutal... The girl lives in a house where she's the only normal person, the other (non-Chinese) are arguying, selfish...

It's also full of "cultural difference" idiocies to show the superiority of Chinese culture, like when the man teaches to the Chinese kid. In China the family name precedes the name, as a respect to the ancester. In America, the first name precedes the family name, as a respect to himself! In China the order is from large to small, the dates starts with the year (2007年10月22日), in USA with the day... He then also could have said, Chinese people respect the whole year, Americans just live a day-to-day-life...

I've never seen before such a movie, where someone go to a foreign country, and where ALL the local people are bad or stupid.
Chinese did it!

Re: Movie « Be there or be square », on internet with english subtitles
Posted by: rose_C (IP Logged)
Date: October 22, 2007 07:21AM
to demoore:
this is dark humour.
maybe you haven't seen many movies.
have you seen very famous "pulp fiction"?
have you read michael moore's books and watched his movies?
i think you might have bias here.

first i wanna state out to live in a foreign country is not easy.
there are all kinds of people. chaves come from american, and there are so many in UK as well. in china it's the same, some people are just not very nice either to you as a foreigner or to the native people themself. it is nature they are.
i haven't been spat on by 4 teenage girls on chinese new year in UK by british. have you experienced the same? i have been thrown some rubbish right on my head by some british. have you been through the same? my bike just been stolen recently only after a month i bought it. my chinese friend has been robbed. my workmate, laptop stolen....etc...happens everywhere.

can i ask you do you have any chinese friends? have you ask what they really think of you?

second, abt the film:
it is dark humour. it is all for the story. because all the bad things happened in the movie, the girl thought that it was the relationship of them bring her bad luck.

the reason why the film make it so many bad things happened in movie? because when the time the movie is made is during 1990s, at the time it was very popular especially for people in beijing to go to american.
the movie tells the people don't just rush to abroad, the life is very hard abroad.

to be honest, the film shows exactly how i feel right now.

third, some advice: the only way to get rid of the bias is to come closer to talk to people. if you already wear "a glass with color" you will never see the real thing.

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Re: Movie « Be there or be square », on internet with english subtitles
Posted by: rose_C (IP Logged)
Date: October 22, 2007 07:32AM
by the way, to demoor:
if you're interested, i suggest you to watch "DA WAN"--same director, same leading actor. comedy again.
it is abt all the bad things of chinese.--dark human nature. dark humour.
then you'll probably think the diretor is not like what you said "only demonstrate the bad things abt other country and all the good things abt chinese ourselves"

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