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If you wanna know China, please put down your bias...
Posted by: rose_C (IP Logged)
Date: October 22, 2007 01:09PM
I only registered a few days ago and I quite like this forum.

First, i would say it is great to see that so many people are interested in China, whatever the reason is: making money, language, culture, liturature, etc... But i realised that a lot people come here with the misunderstanding or bias already before they even entered China.

Frequently asked questions would be about:
1) human rights (like one child policy / speech rights, etc.)
2) animal protection (like killing cats and dogs)
3) politics (people still think that communism is terrorism, think it is against capitalism, corruption, etc.)
4) people's manners or attitutes
5) some rules and culture

I have a lot thinking about these questions myself as well.

I'm a Chinese. I accept all the traditional education. All my family are Communists, my parents and my bro apart from me.
A lot of these questions are raised simply because of misunderstanding of different culture (like dog eating), hope you respect the difference.
I love my country my people and my culture. Chinese culture and history is just so amazing and fascinating. I'm proud of it and i feel so lucky to be a Chinese.

This doesn't mean that i would say everything is fine in China. On the other hand i would say there are so many things need to be changed and transformed in China. A lot things happen in china really upset me and a lot chinese themselves as well.
Like our government need to be more democratic; people's human rights need to be improved (like freedom of speech etc); social welfare needs to be improved desperatly and dramatically; education system need to be improved;
like people's closed-minded and some bad old culture should be get rid of (like people prefer boys than girls).

China does have a lot social problem, but this is not a easy thing to do to improve the sitution. Needs a lot time and a lot efforts, and we are enduring the painfully change now. Just look at chinese people around, everyone is so hard working. Don't you respect that? Don't you find people are lovely?

And chinese people are very adaptable as well. Look at the past 100 years or so, so much has taken place in China. First World War, and eight western countries intruded in China, second World War, civil war, culture revolution, and open policy, etc.
The last two generations, you can't imagine how much they had been through. Everytime they been through the dramatic social change, they have to change their value their belief.

Take my parents as an example.
30 years ago before open policy, people still fantasizing communism will be achieved soon. Everyone truly believed in that. But when open policy is carried out, a lot people's fairy world / or say belief is fallen apart. People find it hard to accept the capitalism and market should exist in Communism country. But people suvived this transformation.
When i was a kid, my family was so poor that we have to save every single drop of water. After wash hands, we save the water to flush the toilet. I wore my bro's clothes. Bikes were luxuary products... But 20 years later, my parents have their own car.
20 years ago, my father is the boss of the whole family like the old traditional family. My dad bit me and my bro just like a lot other family do. 20 years later, my father becoming more and more open-minded and listens to us children more. I respect my dad of this.
20 years ago, my dad thinks make-ups is only used by whores; 20 years later my dad uses perfume for himself.
20 years ago my mum thinks wearing beautiful clothes is capitalism thing, now she try to make herself look pretty. Buy more clothes than ever.

If you don't see all the complications that cause these social problems, but only trying to blaim chinese people around. that is not helpful attitute to know more about China at all.

If you like China, please put down your bias and prejudice, try to see deeper and be more tolerant. If you love China, you can be like me, try to dedicate more to developing China (helpful critisim and construtive suggestions included)!

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Re: If you wanna know China, please put down your bias...
Posted by: Haiyang (IP Logged)
Date: November 27, 2007 10:07PM
Yes, we love China, despite the many problems she have in the last two hundreds years.

Re: If you wanna know China, please put down your bias...
Posted by: scarof (IP Logged)
Date: November 28, 2007 06:49AM
Hehe . good essay.

Re: If you wanna know China, please put down your bias...
Posted by: yolanda (IP Logged)
Date: November 29, 2007 12:26AM
I quite agree with what you say.

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