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Help translating this english text to Chinese
Posted by: Gofluffy (IP Logged)
Date: February 11, 2012 12:33AM
Could someone please help me translate this into Chinese.I have a basic understanding on Mandarin but I always mix up about structures.

'Today I watched the lion dance; it was very interesting and colourful.
They had three dragons dancing, two red and one white. I thought the lions were very beautiful and the dance was enjoyable. The music was very loud but it was nice and suited the dance. I like to watch the dance because it reflects Chinese culture.
I always like to see the lions stand up. The people are very strong to do that. *
The monk was funny and he gave me two lollies. I always like to watch him dance around with the lions.
I enjoyed watching the dance because it’s entertaining and always fun.'

This is my translation please help me by correcting it.'

有三个狮, 两个红色和一个白色。我想狮很美丽和舞蹈是也娱乐。音乐很响,但是好和它适合的舞。我喜欢看舞因为它反映中国文化。
*I’m not sure how to translate

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