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Translation for a website
Posted by: Tubeplayer.Eu (IP Logged)
Date: August 14, 2008 03:21AM
I'm developing a new website - . So far it's in English, French, German, Spanish and Polish. My friends helped me with those, but I don't know anyone who know Chinese.
So far I used a Google Translate but when I translate it back to english there are some differences. Could anyone check it, please? (I can deliver any other translation if it helps)
I don't have any budget for it as I'm developing it on my own... that's why I'm asking you.

By the way... In Chinese version except videos from YouTube will be also . Question is - Does people in China while seeking (for example) "Pink Floyd" in type in just "Pink Floyd" or rather "平克弗洛伊德"? and which option they preffer to see as a clip title (does it make any difference)?

Thanks very much for your help.


[I don't know how to translate this] - TubePlayer
中国 - Chinese
YouTube播放器 - YouTube Player
TubePlayer ß - TubePlayer ß
上找到tubeplayer - Find on TubePlayer
TubePlayer - TubePlayer
登录 - Logged as
登出 – Logout
您的播放清单 - Your playlists
找到在YouTube - Find on YouTube
找到的MP3 - Find mp3
搜索 – Search
最近新增的 - Recently added
最近看到 - Recently seen
最受欢迎 - Most popular
最受好评的 - Top rated
登录 – Log In
注册 - Register
最爱 - Favorites
新的播放列表 – New playlist
私营 - Private
没有播放 – No playlist
新的播放列表标题 – New playlist title
保存 - Save
没有结果 – No resoult
找到播放 – Find playlist
找到用户 – Find user
其他补充说: - Other added by
没有其他播放补充说:这个用户 – No other playlist added by this user
类似的播放列表 – Similar playlist
向上 - Up
向下的'; - Down
添加到收藏夹 – Add to Favorites
添加评论 – Add comment
评论 - Comments
显示所有评论 – Show all comments
隐藏评论 – Hide comments
没有评论 – No comments
或 - or
添加到播放列表 – Add to playlist
投票保存。 - Vote saved.
添加到收藏夹 – Added to favorites.
添加剪辑到新创建的播放列表,找到它们的使用搜索表单 - To add clips to the newly created playlist find them using search form.
删除剪辑 – Delete a clip
编辑标题 – Edit the title
公开 – Make public
添加到私人 – Add to private
删除播放 – Delete playlist
删除从您的收藏夹 – Remove from your favorites
下载为MP3 – Download as mp3
全屏 – Full screen
保存更改 – Save changes
你必须先登录才能保存更改 - You must be logged in to save changes.
登录已在使用中。 - The login is already in use.
无效的登入或密码。 - Invalid login or password.
错误在连接 - Error during the connection
节能投票... – Saving vote…
节省... – Saving…
关闭 - Close
蓝 - blue
橙 - orange
绿色 - green
红 - red
黄河 - yellow
工程的所有剪辑的罚款。 - All clips works fine
行动中进展... – Operation in progress
之一,剪辑是没有工作? - One of the clips is not working?
更新名单 – Update list
更新完成 – Update completed
页面 – Pages
删除收藏 – Remove from favourites
开放的歌词 – Open lyrics
选择 - Options
禁用选项 – Disable options
您是否确定? - Are you sure?
删除 - Delete
取消 - Cancel
删除最后剪辑 – Delete the last clip
删除 – deleted
播放 - Playlist
剪辑 - Clip
发送到主持人 – Sent to moderator
发送到适度 – Send to moderation
取代目前播放的 – Replace currently playing
改为 – replaced by
进口播放从YouTube – Import playlist from YouTube
进口的最爱从YouTube – Import favorites from YouTube
粘贴HTML以嵌入网站 – Paste html to embed in website
编辑 - Edit
无目录 – None directories
只为注册用户。 - Only for registered users.
无目录 – None direcotries
的标题新目录 - The title of the new directory
删除从目录 – Remove from the directory
添加从您的播放清单 – Add from your playlists
添加从收藏 – Add from favorites
添加 - Add

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Re: Translation for a website
Posted by: Emma1230 (IP Logged)
Date: August 17, 2008 09:35PM
i think the people who is a fan of Pink Floyd, will probably type in english when seeking since there're a lot of other translations of the band in chinese.

most of your translations are correct. i've corrected some as follows.

Find on TubePlayer:来自于TubePlayer视频网站
Recently seen:最近看过
No playlist:没有播放列表
Other added by this user:该用户的其他列表
No other playlist added by this user:该用户没有其他列表
Vote saved:投票已保存
Delete playlist:删除列表
Your favorites:您的最爱
Remove from your favorites:从“您的最爱”中移除
The login is already in use:已经登录
Error during the connection:连接出错
Saving vote:正在保存投票
All clips works fine:节目正常播放
Operation in progress:进行中
One of the clips is not working?:其中有节目无法运行?
Open lyrics:打开歌词
Replace currently playing:替换正在播放的节目
Replaced by:替换为
Import playlist from YouTube:从Youtube中导入列表
Import favorites from YouTube:从Youtube中导入最爱
Only for registered users:只向注册用户开放
The title of the new directory:新目录的标题
Remove from the directory:从目录中删除
Add from favorites:从最爱中添加

but i've no idea about these two
发送到主持人 – Sent to moderator
发送到适度 – Send to moderation

hope that helped.

Re: Translation for a website
Posted by: Tubeplayer.Eu (IP Logged)
Date: August 18, 2008 03:52AM
Thank you very much! You've help me a lotsmiling smiley
Meanwhile I discovered that a friend of mine, who live in Dublin, used to work with one Chinese, but the guy is on vacation at the moment and I had no other options...

Re: Translation for a website
Posted by: Idahouse (IP Logged)
Date: October 19, 2012 11:50PM
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