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Horrible Translation
Posted by: gameroftheuk (IP Logged)
Date: September 09, 2007 03:34AM

This is a video about Sun Ming Ming(孫明明)
That woman accompanying Sun Ming Ming is a horrible translator and I thought it was funny.
Check her hesitation at 1:26, and at 3:44 Jimmy asked him:"Is your house normal sized?"

She translated:"你家是多高的...有没有比較大嗎?"
For me it is not a right translation, I would rather say:"你的家是一般大小嗎?" I just cracked up laughing on how she translated English to Chinese. Now Sun Ming Ming is from China and he barely speaks English well so I don't blame him.

At 4:05, Jimmy asked:"What's the worst thing about being so tall?"
She translated:"你..uh...不喜歡什麼事情你那麼高?"
I just couldn't stop laughing on this one, lol. She literally translate word by word(incorrectly) and not interpreting the sentence first.

Now how would you guys translate this sentence? "What's the worst thing about being so tall?"

Re: Horrible Translation
Posted by: JohnnyXiong (IP Logged)
Date: September 30, 2007 02:03AM
Usually, translation should according to context of the sentence.

"What's the worst thing about being so tall?"
If that is a question to a tall man,translation would be < 个头太高给你带来的最大的烦恼是什么? >
If that is a question of building security or something, translation would be < 太高带来的最大隐患是什么? >

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