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BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Jaspert (IP Logged)
Date: May 27, 2011 10:16AM is a Chinese purchase agent.

If you are shopping online in China, we will act as an intermediate between you and the taobao sellers you want to deal with. It provides the service to help foreign friends to buy items from Chinese online stores. etc. [] is the largest C2C website in China.

As the taobao agent, we will help you to Purchase taobao's item in English and more according to the country you come from. Because taobao shopping service is only available in China, it's our duty to make it reachable for everybody. With safe payment PayPal, fast, reliable and cheap international shipping methods EMS, shopping online will not be a drag anymore.

Nowadays, shopping online is very popular all over the world. Taobao spree is a new shopping trend. We are a professional and responsible Chinese shopping agent. We can help you to purchase everything you want from Chinese online store .For your well being and our satisfaction, we will try to save up your money by purchase on taobao. Now please join us and start your international shopping from China.

Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Lovelysydney (IP Logged)
Date: September 06, 2011 11:19PM
Tips to Chosse a Good Taoabao Agent
Now buying from China’s online shops becomes more and more popular. Then how to choose a good taobao agent? Here are some simple tips, maybe will be your help. Just be aware that there are several agents name in these tips, but for sure they are not for advertisement, just listed them here for examples.

1.Check the agent’s time of establishment. Usually, the longer the website is established, the more professional the agent will be. If the agent has more than three years’ experience in serving customers, you can trust them in packing and delivering your parcels.

2.Service fee is always an important part of your Chinese online shopping. Some agents charge 8% of items cost and domestic delivering fee, such as Some charge 10%, like I would suggest you using agents with cheap service fee, because there is an old saying in China that “small profits but quick turnover”, which means Low profits can draw more clients. The more clients they have, they more experienced they are.

3. Choose agents who can accept the payment of Paypal. This is the most popular, most quick and most safe payment for international purchasing. Usually, agents may charge a 4% as the transaction fee, but that’s normal, because when these agents draw money from the bank, their banks may charge them more. Just remember that finance safety should always come first.

4.Check the working time of the agent. Some agents work from Monday to Friday, others may work from Monday to Saturday, even Sunday. I suggest you use the latter ones. If they work for longer hours, they can deal with you order much earlier.

5. Place an order and see if they reply you within 24 hours. If an agent doesn’t reply you more than two days, probably they have stopped their service, and you should pay more caution to this.

6.Another part about fee is the international delivering fee. EMS is the cheapest method, for its high discount shipping rates. Usually, you can get discount at least 40% off the standard rates. If an agent cannot give you discount up to 40%, I suggest you change for another one. The EMS discount can really save lots of money for you.

7. If you do not know how to choose items from because you are busy or because of the language barrier, you can choose those agents which can help you do it for you. Up until now, there are several Taobao agents offer this service for free,,, etc.

8. Choose those agents who offer online help, such as MSN or QQ, but pay attention to their office hour. Online help is much more efficient and easier than offline help.

Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Lovelysydney (IP Logged)
Date: September 06, 2011 11:22PM
Big news, offer free service now, celebrating their 3rd anniversary, so catch this chance to buy something from taobao, you will find everything there~ you also enjoy international discount up to 40% off standard rate with EMS.

Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Lovelysydney (IP Logged)
Date: November 21, 2011 08:25AM
I have bought from taobao using service of taobaoring for 4 or 5 time. They never let me down. These guys are very professional and patient. I have asked many many questions, but they never get annoyed and always answer them politely. Of course, I will be using their service again, just share with you guys.

Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Uchina (IP Logged)
Date: December 04, 2011 09:37PM
How are you,

I am a sourcing agent ,buying agent and shipping agent .
If you need my help,Pls contact me


Skype: angelamarketguide

Website: []

I am familiar with fashion clothes,jeans,shoes,handbag,fabric,leather,jewellery,homedecoration items,electronic ,computer,furniture ,bamboo markets and some

of the factories in GuangDong .

Mobile: 0086 15011716998

Thanks&Best Regards


Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Mebuy (IP Logged)
Date: December 08, 2011 12:45AM
I am a professional taobao agent,the Christmas day is coming ,why not find me to help you purchse Christmas goods , we charge you low service fee ,provide for you high quality products ,give you low ems discount.I support Paypal,western

Lood forward to your reply.

contact with me :[email protected]

Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: 124146903 (IP Logged)
Date: December 10, 2011 08:07AM
[] is taobao agent. We help you buy the all goods of Taobao. Ourfavourable service fees are most competitive and also offerlargest

Shipping Discount. If you compare with other taobao agent,just 8%,so cheapest. More information please see Is it your first time buying from taobao? Do

you find difficult to buy from taobao as you don't know Chinese, or you need translation help,we will help you. We have developed a friendly,

powerful,efficient, easy-use shopping system (Order Manager System []

Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Smalltao (IP Logged)
Date: December 13, 2011 10:04AM - The biggest offical Taobao agent. As buying products from Taobao become more and more beautiful, people can not stop ordering taobao products. As the price becomes more and more cheap, a lot of foreigners try to figure out a reliable website for paypal payment. If you are not sure if the jacket or something you order is worth the price, please do not need to pay from Taobao. Maybe the seller will cheat you!! - no PayPal fee, only 50% delivery fee, no service fee for next 3 days!
Posted by: Zarmark (IP Logged)
Date: May 18, 2012 03:38AM
Hi, everybody!

We are - Tabao agency with 8% service fee, only 50% delivery fee, and no PayPal commission! That is we don't charge you PayPal percents.

The next three days starting from today there's no service fee!

Feel free to ask any questions:
Skype: zarmarkcs01

Re: BuyInTaoBao Taobao Agent Service
Posted by: Moodyboy003 (IP Logged)
Date: May 25, 2015 01:11PM
Hi This is Michael,I have been doing source agent for many years
my job is sourcing and make selection of suppliers,arrange samples and handle shippment for clients in here
Now I am building up inspection and quality checking team for the products I am purchasing,such as audio visual,hangbag clothes and other fansion products!
I hope I can help with you my professional and experience!
pls free feel to contact me from
skype : moodyboy001
My email [email protected]

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