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How did you spend your university life?
Posted by: Zhangada890 (IP Logged)
Date: April 05, 2010 07:20AM
iam a uni student,english major to be my 2 years in university,I just find there are 3 kinds of students around me:

1 nerdy ones ,they only know make use of all the time they have to hit books,no, extra avtivities,no bf or gf,and obvilously of out fanshion.i dont talk to this type of studnets much,because it is hard to find a topic expect for boring academic one.among them there are students who are into novels,usually this group of ppl have low efficiency on academic study,they can stare at a 300 pages book the whole morning.(i ididnt mean reading is bad,just depends on what to read),this life style can kill me.

2 the second category are those who dont do any study and try various means to pass the exams(there are not so many exams though),envitabley they need to repeat some subject if they are unlucky.Among these ppl ,some like staying in the dorm all day long,really dont know how can they stand staying there without breathing the outside air or streching their arms or just going out to see the cars in the street ,what are they doing,watching soap opera? chatting online?some just go out to a fault,they have bf or gf ,and want to stick with them all the time,occasionally they are ocuupied by the student boarding things,busy with all kinds of activies,fame and prize are important to them ,gossip is part of their life.ha just too social ,i think .

3 the well-adjusted,they study ,also know how to have fun, thinking they are different from others.some never join in any group things too,coz they just scorn it.what they look up to is outside the uni.they like to hang out with mature ppl(ha mayb girls)and they are usually busy too.

which kind of life is better? i think i belong to the third category.u?ha at least i can balance academic study and social life.

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Re: How did you spend your university life?
Posted by: Antoine.Herblot (IP Logged)
Date: April 09, 2010 03:36AM
as a university student i remember being also in the third category,

i was there for all the courses or barely all...

before the exams, i sudied and never cheated even a single letter, then i graduated with rather correct results.

now i am a teacher in a university, and it feels funny to be on the other side.
any way i still like to keep on studying and having fun. one time for each and the balance is well kept, sometimes i have fun while studying, sometimes i also study while having fun, as the Yin/Yang principles shows.

i'm happy to be a teacher in a University, i like this environment of youth and knowledge.

Re: How did you spend your university life?
Posted by: Esme (IP Logged)
Date: April 15, 2010 07:50AM
I would also categorize myself as a category 3 type.

On the one hand I visited all my courses and learned for the exams and also got good results and I also finished university pretty fast compared to some of my collegues. On the other hand I also enjoyed this time of my life because I had a lot of free time and I met all kinds of crazy people who became really good friends too. It was just a great time and I think it is important to find a good mean between successfull at your studies and enjoying the last years of not being a full adult yet.

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