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Top 5 Most Appropriate Schools for You to Learn Chinese Calligraphy in China
Posted by: Herzog (IP Logged)
Date: February 09, 2012 10:15PM
If you are a foreigner in China and you are interested in Chinese calligraphy, the best way for you to learn Chinese calligraphy is to find a school in China. According to the comprehensive strength of each school, we select the following five most appreciate schools in China.

Top 1 Beijing Calligraphy School
Beijing calligraphy school is a new educational organization of self-study examination of higher education for students of Chinese calligraphy major. It provides various forms and strong faculty force which gathered the elite of Beijing calligraphy education and gets credit for its high quality. Since the year it is found in 2005, it has satisfied the majority of calligraphy lovers’ eager to promote the education of calligraphy and improved the popularity and improvement of the calligraphy education.

Top 2 Beiijng calligraphy training college
Located in the Royal Courtyard, nearby the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, it is a Holy Land of China cultural and historical capital. In recent years, the college has trained a large number of outstanding international artists. On behalf of the college, students go abroad for cultural exchanges and hold personal calligraphy and painting exhibitions and trade shows in more than 20 countries, bringing the real value and Social and economic benefits to the works.

Top 3 Hangzhou Chuanxiao Calligraphy School
It is the only specialized training school teaching the art of calligraphy in Hangzhou. Since the year 1993, it has been continued to carry forward the art of calligraphy and the universal education of calligraphy, which won the general public approved particularly the majority of the students and parents. Sponsoring more than 10 years, it has been insisting on taking the perfect line, trying to find a new set of calligraphy education model, and is equipped with specially prepared textbooks.

Top 4 Yunying Calligraphy School in Tianjin
Located in Tianjin Nankai Primary School, it covers three learning contents of regular script, running script and grass script with writing brush and hard pen. Use the works of well-known calligrapher Zhang Tian Yun and Zhang Tian Ying as the main teaching materials and the writings of the ancient tablet as the model. Their teachers are the outstanding ones in the field of Chinese calligraphy.

Top 5 Xizhi Calligraphy and Painting School
It is a pioneer of Chinese calligraphy and painting training education, and the most sincere digger of traditional Chinese culture and made an outstanding contribution to the Inheritance and popularity of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Now it has become a gold brand of national concatenate education and enjoys good reputation.

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