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Top 10 Famous Art Galleries You Shouldn't Miss in China
Posted by: Herzog (IP Logged)
Date: February 12, 2012 09:52PM
Come to China, with the profound interest in arts, do you want to take a look at the art galleries here? Now we elect 10 galleries from a large number of Chinese art galleries in accordance with the history, the size and the influence of them.

Top 1 Modern Gallery
Founded in 2004, it is located in the Beijing Workers Stadium, covers an area of 230 square meters, full of soft lighting. It is a professional organizations operating Chinese avant-garde art.

Top 2 Beijing Tang Contemporary Arts Center
Located in 798 art districts, it was converted from a 600 square meters factory, and the interior space is extremely broad and spacious, the exhibition area which up to 12 meters provides a good environment for various arts activities.

Top 3 Galleria Continua
Opened in May 8, 2005, it covers an area of 1000 square meters and it can be carried out large-scale exhibition of art. Opened by Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo in 1990, it shows visitors the development of modern art.

Top 4 ShanghART Gallery
Established in 1996, ShanghART gallery has over the course of the past decade acquired a substantial reputation for artistic innovation, integrity and high quality in dealing with contemporary Chinese art.

Top 5 Arario
It's the new branch of the Arario Korea. Founded in 1989, it had planned numerous criticize arts exhibitions which occupying significant positions in Asia. Arario Beijing is the first step in the realization of the dream; the majority of viewers in Asia can be closer to the contemporary art of the world.

Top 6 Soka Arts Center
Founded in 1992, it exhibits the outstanding works of Chinese artists, and it's the first systematic agent to act the works of the mainland artists. During the past 15 years since its establishment, it has done a great deal of research, collection and collation about the Chinese classical paintings.

Top 7 Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art
Founded in year 2000 in Beijing, it is very famous in China. By holding exhibitions of Chinese artists in his gallery in Beijing, and outside of China he leads the western public towards a discovery and appreciation of the Chinese contemporary art.

Top 8 Faurschou Gallery
Established in 1986 in Denmark, it has opened a new museum in Beijing. The new gallery gets its name from the Chinese interpretation of "faurschou": "Lin Guan". And it is committed to promote and display of the arts works by the highest international standard.

Top 9 Star Gallery
Star Gallery is a professional art institution advocating the art of China's newest generation - the "post '70s" generation - through exhibitions, publications and other promotion activities. Now it is acting a number of great potential artists.

Top 10 Universal Studios
As a new venue created in Beijing to support exhibitions, research and communication related to contemporary visual arts and other aspects of art culture, it is positioned as a mediator between an infrastructure of public institutions.

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