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HSK general business chinese vocabulary TOP50
Posted by: Lingx (IP Logged)
Date: February 24, 2008 10:30PM
HSK General business mandarin vocabulary TOP 50
smileys with beer company gong1 si1
2.市场 market shi4chang3 enterprise qi3ye4
4.投资 investment tou2zi1
5.银行 bank yin2hang2
6.美元 dollar mei3yuan2
7.资金 capital zi1jin1
8.业务 business ye4wu4
9.增长 growth zeng1zhang3
10.产品 product chang3pin3
11.价格 price jia4ge2
12.管理 management guan3li3
13.经济 economy jing1ji4
14.风险 risk feng1xian3
15.贷款 loan dai4kuan3
16.大盘 large cap da4pan2
17.行业 industry hang2ye4
18.基金 fund ji1jin1
19.金融 finance jin1rong2
20.生产 production sheng1chan3
21.经营 to manage jing1ying2
22.财经 finance and economics cai2jing1
23.客户 customer / client ke4hu4
24.上市 to float (a company on the stock market) shang4shi4
25.上市公司 a listed company shang4shi4gong1si1
26.交易 transaction jiao1yi4
27.监管 oversee / take charge of / supervise / supervisory / supervision jian1guan3
28.上涨 rise / go upward shang4zhang3
29.销售 sale xiao1shou4
30.走势 trend zou3shi4
31.股票 stock gu3piao4
32.个股 individual share ge4gu3
33.发行 to issue/to publish fa1xing2
34.资产 capital zi1chan3
35.品牌 brand pin3pai2
36.保险 insurance bao3xian3
37.行情 market price / quotation of market price / the current market situation hang2qing2
38.下跌 to fall/to tumble xia4die1
39.人民币 RMB ren2min2bi4
40.大幅 a big margin / substantially da4fu2
41.改革 reform gai3ge2
42.全球 global quan2qiu2
43.消费者 customer xiao1fei4zhe3
44.产业 industry chan3ye4
45.金融机构 financial institute jin1rong2ji1gou4
46.反弹 bounce back / rebound fan3tan2
47.利润 profits li4run4 information xin4xi1
49.股价 share price gu3jia4
50.成本 cost cheng2ben3

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