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Private chinese language tutor lessons
Posted by: Cici714 (IP Logged)
Date: October 15, 2013 05:28AM
Dear chinese language learners:As we all known that learning chinese is not that easy,but here is an experienced chinese teacher who will design a class which just fit for your level.I will never let you feel the study things is only your things,I will do my best to help you,and design a class which really useful in your daily life and work life when you live in China.The reason I choose the coffee shop nearby to teach the lesson is because I think the place may let you feel relax and the environment is good too.But if it is not that convenient for you we can discuss the place and time we learn.

My lessons:

Business Chinese,

Survival Chinese ,

Travel Chinese,

Listening and Speaking Chinese,

Chinese character.

Chinese grammar,HSK preparation, etc

My rate :100rmb/hour

my email:[email protected]


If you and your friends or workmates want to learn together,it is ok too,and we can discuss the price.

I encourage you to contact me to discuss your[email protected] tel: 15910386714

Here are some useful chinese grammar:

wo zao shang wu dian jiu qi chuang le. 我早上五点就起床了。(in the speaker's opinion early)

ta zhong wu shi er dian cai qi chuang .她中午十二点才起床。(in the speaker's opinion late)

zhe dun fan jiu/cai hua le san shi kuai qian.这顿饭就/才花了三十块钱。(in the speaker's opinion early)

ta xie wan lun wen jiu shi dian duo le.她写完论文就十点多了。(in the speaker's opinion late)

wo wan cheng zuo ye de shi hou cai xia wu liang dian.我完成作业的时候才下午两点。(in the speaker's opinion early)

Hope all of you will enjoy the life in Beijing!Regards Cici

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