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Omg does he want to kiss me?(bilingual)
Posted by: fushoubing (IP Logged)
Date: January 05, 2009 03:48AM
Amber's Question:

Omg does he want to kiss me?!?!?!!?


Me and my boyfriend are going to a christmas party this weekend and he told me this;


"It'd be funny if there are mistle toes hanging up."


Is he hinting that he wants to kiss me? We are crazy about each other and that'd be awesome!
It would be our first kiss too! winking smiley


Also, just to prepare incase he does wanna kiss me, ANY TIPS!?!?!



Answer A:

Ooh Christmas parties are so much fun! I'm going to one with my girlfriend this weekend as well! Hehe I hope we run into a mistle toe...


Anyway, That sounds like a really cute hint that he does want to kiss you grinning smiley Just stay confident, be yourself, and never worry!

不管怎么说,这似乎真的是他要吻你的最聪明的暗示哦 grinning smiley(微笑) 不要担心,自信地去迎接好啦!

If you kiss, it will definitely be special.


If you're planning on wearing lipstick, try not to smear it on his face haha!


Optionally, you can act slightly flirtier x] Also I would recommend you to brush your teeth, as well.

我建议你适当表现得轻浮一点 x](淫笑)当然你还要事先把牙齿刷干净。

It's natural to be excited or nervous, so if it's gonna happen, close your eyes and kiss!


Best of wishes and goodluck [:

祝你好运[: (偷笑)

Amber's Reply:[/color]

Thanks... All of the answers were great but I love this one!


Thank you so much! It was a big help! I hope u have fun at your party with your gf as well!




Merry Christmas


Amber winking smiley (微笑)

Answer B:[/color]

Of course he wants to kiss you! How exciting! To make it perfect, make sure you take a few things into account:


- Soft lips.
- Close your eyes when he plants his lips on yours.


- Keep your eyes closed for a couple of seconds after he kisses you just to get the most out of the moment.


- Some guys like it if you cup their face in your hand.


- Others like your hands around their waist, or around their neck.


- The 90/10 rule. Guys go 90% of the way and the girl goes 10%... courtesy of Hitch!


- If you go onto French kissing or "snogging", "pulling"... whatever. Don't thrust your tongue in and out. Don't be a washing machine and swirl it around, just do what feels natural. You'll both develop your own style of kissing each other. Sometimes it can be good if you gently nibble the guy's bottom lip!

不管你选择法式吻,爱抚吻,牵引吻……或是其他的什么吻。请记住不要把你是舌头过快地来回猛抽,也不要像洗衣机滚桶那样旋个不停,只要顺其自然就好。你们俩要彼此养成自己的亲吻方式。你轻柔地舔食男孩的嘴唇有时是个不错的选择。Oh and... take a mint smiling smiley

哦对了……备一粒薄荷糖 smiling smiley

Best of luck xx

祝好运 xx (表示双手交叉——希望带来好运的意思)

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Re: Omg does he want to kiss me?(bilingual)
Posted by: Hugelizard83 (IP Logged)
Date: February 07, 2009 02:36AM
I think "mistletoe" means “槲寄生” in Chinese....

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