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It is fine!!
Posted by: Youandme (IP Logged)
Date: January 11, 2009 08:05PM
I love China
After the devastating Sichuan earthquake that left more than 80000 people dead and at least 5 million homeless the Chinese people are coming together in a show of unity and support for their fellow countrymen. The lasted demonstration of the patriotic pride can be seen in the sales of a new shirt reading "I Love China" across the front. Many expats here in the communities around China are buying and wearing these shirts too. They even have bumper stickers sporting the same message.
It is nice to see. The westerners who have never been here are blinded in their opinions about China. "It's a communist country; the Chinese must be repressed and deeply unhappy," is the kind of thing I hear my friends back home say when we talk about life over here. Much the same uninformed drivel we thought about "The Evil Empire" Communist Russia. I live here and I know how poorly informed they are over there. The Chinese really do love their country and are as proud as any westerner could ever be of their flag. The Chinese have so much to be proud of. The Third country in history to send their own rocket up, they seem to always be near the top of the medal standings at the Olympics, some of the most vibrant and lively cities in the world, and so many others I'm not even going to try to list them.

The crisis in Sichuan is showing the true character of the Chinese. There are so many people willing to help that the Chinese are struggling to manage the aid pouring in from around China and the world. In a country as big and populous as China it might be easy to assume that no one would get involved. "There are so many people to help why should I bother getting involved?" might be an argument some heartless cynic might concoct. But the Chinese are showing how much they want to help everyday; you can donate money and goods nearly everywhere.

The Chinese government rushed to the aid of the victims immediately and allowed rarely seen levels of open reporting and access to information. The government is doing everything they possible can to aid those who survived and find those who didn't. It is a monumental task and some are annoyed they weren't the first on the list of those to receive aid but the government is getting to everyone. They have promised and they appear to be living up to that promise. This is in fact the reason for the open reporting. In a country where complaints of corruption are common place the government has promised that this crisis will not fall victim to such reprehensible behavior as stealing from the victims. They know if they let the reports see everything and keep all moves as transparent as possible no one would be stupid enough to try to help themselves to the aid money.

This is the kind of government a people can be proud of; and the Chinese are. It is this kind of responsibility and action that engenders loyalty and makes people believe in their country and flag. The Chinese have good reason to be proud of China.

The world is watching. They have every reason to, what with the Olympics coming. The Chinese government and people are doing everything we would expect any government and people to do. They are helping those in dire need with all available resources. The Government here has even altered their budget so they can come up with the necessary money to make sure no one suffers more than they already have. Only a hard-hearted SOB could say they aren't doing enough here. More resource

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