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FAQs for your trip to China
Posted by: vivian_wang_wei (IP Logged)
Date: December 16, 2007 10:27PM
旅游 (lǚyóu) trip, travel

Are you planning a trip to China? Many people write to ChineseHour and ask how they can prepare for the trips to China. We make a list of the frequently asked questions here, and hope they are helpful to you.

Q: How can I learn to speak mandarin Chinese online before visiting China?
A: If you can understand some basic Chinese words or common conversations, you will find your visit to China is a rewarding and enjoyable adventure.

Q: What is the Voltage in China ?
A: The voltage is 220 Volts, if in your country, the voltage is 110 Volts, you should pack an adaptor if you decide to bring any electronic unit with you during the trip.

Q: What is the tipping practice for visitors to China ?
A: It is a common practice for visitors to tip the tour guide and driver in recognition of their good service. A hotel bellboy expects your tips as well. It is not customary to leave tips at hotels or local restaurants as the bill usually includes a 10-15% service charge.

Q: Can I use credit card when I’m in China?
A: In some way, it is easy to use credit card in China, eg. in big stores, restaurants, hotels in big cities. etc. You can even withdraw cash in RMB(Chinese money) from a few ATM machines - but please remember, you can only withdraw not more than RMB5000, and you can only do it once in a week!

Q: What should I do if I lose my passport before I leave China?
A: If you lose your passport, tell your guide immediately. Your guide will accompany you to the Public Security Bureau, where they will issue you a certificate. You then must apply for a new passport in person with this certificate at the nearest embassy of your country. When you get your new passport, you need to return to the Public Security Bureau to apply for a new visa, so that you can leave China.

Q: How about the transportation in China?
A: The transportation system has been greatly improved in recent years. People can use subway, bus, taxi and light rail to arrive at Olympic Green and other venues during the Olympics. However, you cannot drive in China unless you have a Chinese driving license.

Q: Can I use my mobile phone in China, and what about the internet?
A: In China, GSM network only have two frequencies, 900HZ and 1800HZ so if your mobile phone must be tri-band to use it in China. CDMA is not very popular in China, so it is best to ask the sale agent for details before coming to China. Internet cafes can be found everywhere in Beijing with most of them using broadband connections.

Q: Is there western food available in Beijing as Chinese cuisine is not to my taste?
A: As a modernized capital city, there are many kinds of restaurants in Beijing. Most of the hotels offer both Chinese and Western food. Restaurants offering food of American, Brazilian, French, German, Indian, Japanese, Italian, etc. can be found everywhere in Beijing.

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Re: FAQs for your trip to China
Posted by: Sunsetlover (IP Logged)
Date: February 05, 2008 01:34PM
Vivian, xin nian kuai le!

Great tips!

Can I add under Food in the last Q&A...have dinner early, because you'll not eat past 9pm, everything closes, at least in Beijing...unless you're in Sanlitun

I have a question on Transport, can you drive with an international driver license from the European Union?

Thank you.

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