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Hong Kong company summary
Posted by: Dada7hongkong (IP Logged)
Date: August 26, 2013 05:41AM
As more and more people are coming to China for trade business, to register a Hong Kong company is a good start. Businessmen in China usually use a Hong Kong company to build their reputations and then open Hong Kong bank account to pay and receive. Because of the free economic and Banking system of Hong Kong, a Hong Kong company will bring a lot of benefits.

As one of the world’s most liberal areas, Hong Kong is open to all people from the world. As long as you are legal citizen of any region, you can apply to register a Hong Kong company with your passport. The government has little limit on the company business scope, so you can carry out almost any kind of business.

After registration, you don’t have to rent office in Hong Kong, which is attractive to foreign buyers in China. One great idea is to buy from Chinese factories and sell to foreign countries in the name of a Hong Kong company. Through such an operation, you don’t need to worry if the factory will go direct with your clients abroad. Beside, you can enjoy the low tax rate in Hong Kong and apply for Hong Kong citizenship after a certain period of Tax returns.

With a Hong Kong company, you can open HSBC account under your company. Hong Kong bank accounts have many advantages. There is no limit on the receiving, transferring and withdrawal. Many currencies can be deposited and exchanged within a same account. Moreover, the reputation and services of the banks are always world-class.

Especially, compared to a company in China, Hong Kong company have more advantages:
Low maintenance. Unlike China company, Hong Kong company only tax basing on profit, and the rate is as low as 16.5%. If no profit, no tax. If the profit is not sourced from Hong Kong, you can declare overseas profit with zero-tax.
Book-keeping and tax return by year. China companies perform book-keeping and tax returns every month, which costs a lot for accounting. Hong Kong company do it just once a year, so it is simple and money-saving. This is especially suitable for small and medium business.

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