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Learn Chinese - « Beijing Dragon Phoenix International »
Posted by: danny825 (IP Logged)
Date: November 22, 2007 05:31AM
Learn mandarin Chinese in Beijing China!
(Learning Chinese language!)
(Individual and group Chinese class)

* Experienced & Professional instructors
* Unique and effective teaching method
* Flexible schedule & location
* One to One tutoring lessons
* Online tutoring Chinese lessons via Skype
* Tour study & Homestay program which can assist you greatly in learning Chinese

We offer classes in:
1. Business Chinese 7. Chinese painting
2. HSK preparation 8. Chinese calligraphy
3. Confucius culture 9. Chinese chess & Majiang
4. Chinese cooking 10. Chinese handcrafts
5. Chinese history 11. Fengshui
6. Chinese Martial arts 12. Chinese tea

Learn Chinese online with professional Chinese teacher via Skype!
(Online tutoring Chinese language training!)
(Online Mandarin Chinese!)
(Online Chinese language tutoring)

We specialize in offering One-on-One online Chinese language training via Skype. This special teaching method helps people who are unable to study in China benefit from all the advantages of learning with qualified native teachers. We help them to make people’s dreams come true by reaching their Chinese Language goals in an easy and cost effective manner!

Our professional Chinese teachers will instruct you in front of a computer, correct your mistakes, answer your questions and help you in all aspects of the Chinese language from pronunciation to grammar and to Chinese characters (Hanzi). Student will be taught with our professional teaching textbooks!

Learn Chinese and culture with our Homestay in Beijing and Shanghai!
(2008 Olympic Homestay in Beijing China!)
(Live with a Chinese family, immerse in Chinese language!)

Our Homestay program can provide you a great opportunity to live with a Chinese family in Beijing and Shanghai! You can save money while immersing yourself in Chinese society. This is the best and fastest way to learn the Chinese language, understand Chinese culture and make Chinese friends!

Our host families are carefully selected for their kindness, education and their caring personalities. They will provide you with a safe, clean and hospitable atmosphere. They will help you to improve your understanding of the Chinese language and culture, and assist you in your transition into life in China!

2008 Summer Camp to Beijing China!

Size1: 2008 language-culture Olympic summer camp
1. 2-week language-culture summer camp around Beijing
2. 3-week language-culture summer camp
3. 3-week language-culture summer cam in Beijing - Shanghai - Xi'an
4. 8-day language-culture summer/winter camp in Beijing  

Size2: 2008 historical and cultural Olympic summer camp
1. 2-week historical and cultural summer camp in Beijing - Shanghai - Xi'an
2. 4-day cultural traveling in Beijing
3. 7- day cultural traveling in Beijing

Beijing Dragon Phoenix International
Tel: (86-10) 62337980, 6314-4218
Skype: chineselessons  
Web: []

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