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Study business Chinese with Me
Posted by: Teacherzhao (IP Logged)
Date: January 04, 2014 10:03PM
For whom the business Chinese course is intended:
Among the industrialists and businessmen who wish to learn Chinese, the great majority of them would like to take a part-time short course or person-to person lessons. All they wish to do is to acquire necessary Chinese knowledge and skills that maybe needed in their communication with Chinese people without too much difficulty, to expand their business in China, thus to enhance their success in business in china. The contents of our business course are not confined to one business negotiation but cover various aspects, including investment, market research, joint venture, cooperation partners, business management, cost and profit, pricing and marketing, etc. The learners will be ushered into a new world of extensive contents of business and language study.
Skills to be taught
Any economic and commercial transaction between China and a foreign country maybe viewed as cross-cultural activities in nature. Most foreigners almost don't know what's the wrong with it when doing business with China which result in losses of time, reputation and profit. Actually, the removal of language barriers and difficulties that lie in the understanding of the culture, subtle points and principles expressed by a target language will be greatly beneficial for one's commercial success.
It's advisable, therefore, for foreign professionals to acquire the following abilities after learning business Chinese course with me:
1). Basic Chinese knowledge and skills that is applicable to one's commercial activities;
2).Communicative ability appropriate to Chinese environment-----be able to understand the essentials of Chinese economic circumstances and rules for business performance, including trade, investment, cooperation and management of enterprises;
3).Competence for cross-cultural communication in the context of economic and cooperative interchange---a wide range of knowledge of business custom and rules in addition to the background information of Chinese culture.
I can go to any place, any time as you like
You succeed, I succeed.
Study business Chinese with Me at: [email protected]

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