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How to prepare and practice for the HSK ?
Posted by: Mandarin.Garden (IP Logged)
Date: March 12, 2015 11:16PM
New HSK Preparation has 1000s of authentic, timed HSK practice questions and detailed performance analytics. Practice questions are compiled by HSK Team, and then vetted by students who have taken the HSK before. All practice questions come with full question script. Vocabulary can be instantly looked up.

The New HSK Preparation is an ‘easy’ way to show others what your level of Chinese is. If you don’t care what others think (and you shouldn’t) taking – and passing – the HSK is still a good way for you to realize how good you’re in Chinese… or, on the contrary, how much work you have ahead of you!

I know I’ve been studying Chinese for ages now and… well, let’s say I was rusty and probably wouldn’t score very well on the HSK if I hadn’t been studying the required vocab and grammar with Ninchanese!

Also, it’s a good way to track your progress as you keep studying Chinese. There are yearly , and sometimes even once a semester sessions (depends on where you live and what level you are) so you can take an HSK test as often as you want. If you can afford it, that is. It’s still a paying exam) and measure your improvements!

Lastly, the New HSK Preparation are a good proof of the gap that exists between being good at Chinese (at least good enough to manage daily in China) and in becoming an expert Chinese speaker… You only need to look at the numbers : From 600+ words at level 3, you jump to 1200 words at level 4 and then to 5000 words at level 6. And they say you can only comfortably read a Chinese newspaper once you’ve reached level 5. Waww! Better get started!

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