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"Exchange isn't just a year in your life. It's a life in a year."
Posted by: Mandarin.Garden (IP Logged)
Date: March 19, 2015 04:15AM
Well in my case, a life in two months. Through english language teaching internship program, I was able to do something I'm really passionate about: teach and to do something I've always wanted to do: english language teaching.

Experience has shown that success as a english language teaching teacher is not necessarily dependent upon having a formal Certification. This should not, however, be interpreted as meaning that almost anyone is capable of teaching English.
Indeed, someone considering an english language teaching Internship should realize from the start that speaking English is not the same as teaching English.

How do I teaching english language if my students cannot speak English?' The answer lies in methodology and temperament. Of this latter quality it must be understood, students want to like their teachers; thus successful teachers owe part of their success to the following qualities: friendliness, a warm smile, enthusiasm, approachability and that sense of caring, called empathy.

Indeed, many teachers have failed for exhibiting a lack of these traits, and though arousing a sense of empathy for the foreign language learner should be a crucial and mandatory part of any validated course (most often accomplished through the use of a mini-foreign language learning experience), learning to empathise is a more difficult endeavour.

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