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New HSK Test to enjoy the unique charm of learning chinese
Posted by: Mandarin.Garden (IP Logged)
Date: May 05, 2015 11:54PM
In recent years, with the establishment of Confucius institutes around the world, as well as the "Chinese fever" continues to heat up, key requirements of the New HSK Test groups have had foreign students into overseas Chinese learners.

"A lot of foreigners, like Confucianism, like learning Chinese, perhaps not necessarily to study abroad, but to some extent they need to learn the Chinese language knowledge in Chinese. ”It is in this context, China National Office for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, psychology and organization and educational measurement experts in the field, again developed a new HSK system, which started in 2007 in China before and after trying to launch.

Chinese character and profound Chinese culture, foreign friends how to face the New HSK Test, and find the fun in that?Allows colleagues and friends to talk about some history and interesting customs and traditions, to structure perceptions about Chinese culture and increase emotional intimacy, improve language learning fun.Meanwhile foreigners can find some basis for comparison to practice simple topics, increasing confidence about learning Chinese.

High efficiency suitable learning method is still the best way to test.Mandarin Garden related website and download the New HSK Test video and audio, listen and practice your pronunciation, can greatly help topic set, better able to become familiar with the test questions, analysis of test.If you have good teachers and guidance, combined with their own way of learning chinese, but also the ideal preparation.

For New HSK Test no direction sense of foreign friends, good of counselling teacher can tell out you of Chinese level and learning capacity, according to you by at of a stage, developed suitable of learning notes plans, conducive to better of inspired you of insight capacity, let you excavations potential, active learn to more of things, while control you learning of direction, grasp learning progress, provides reliable of recommends.In the remarks of the Sprint, skilled teachers can help you analyze the test centers, play draw results, rather than a pointless offensive in slowly, blindly doing exercise are more effective.

Foreign language teacher has a very good teaching practice ability, closely follow the HSK examination syllabus, study questions, vocabulary and grammar, and thus able to guide students with good learning methods, integration of HSK test centers, improve Chinese level.To students of Mandarin, not only passed the HSK, also through the window and wider appreciation for the unique charm of learning to chinese.

Successfully passed the New HSK Test Nico said: "very happy to be in Mandarin Garden, my teacher was very cheerful, good at explaining knowledge points, after test grade, I was promoted to Manager in the us in the future to continue to learn Chinese, hoping to better living in China. ”

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