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Callaway X Hot Driver helps increase swing speed
Posted by: Golfonlineau (IP Logged)
Date: September 02, 2013 01:26AM
The 2013 introduction of the X hot line including the diver, irons and fairway wood, from what I gather, is just the first iteration of a product line that seeks to take aim on the biggest boys and bring them down. Earlier, the Callaway X Hot Irons attracted me very much. Now it's the turn of the driver. There’s usually a larger, more forgiving model aimed at average golfers and a more compact model with lower-spin characteristics for players who have more swing speed.

The X Hot is the most forgiving driver of the pair. At 460cc, it is 20cc larger than the Pro version. Adjustable and lightweight with a draw bias. the X Hot is the adjustable driver for the masses. The X Hot driver makes use of Callaway’s OptiFit adapter. That draw bias is more severe in the X Hot driver line than it is in the X Hot Pro drivers, which are aimed at players who need less help squaring up the club face.

Callaway's X Hot line features a three-way adjustable hosel. Like the RAZR Fit Xtreme, every loft is designed to accommodate specific players. Thischeap golf clubs is nice, as it allows for easy interchanging of shafts from head to head throughout the Callaway lineup if necessary. It will undoubtedly help a large portion of golfers that lack the spin to consistently get the ball up in the air, but it may be a bit too much for a high spin player. There are far too many different golfers to pigeon hole them into one category or the other.

Players with higher lofts can take advantage of higher draw bias for straighter shots, while players with lower lofts can utilize a more neutral Center of Gravity that fits their game. The Callaway X Hot Driver was designed to be 14 grams lighter than past models in order to help increase swing speed and therefore ball speed and distance off the tee.

"Get extra distance with pop off the clubface. Has a really good feel that promotes a smooth swing and follow through. The X-Hot are one of the best products that Callaway has introduced. I also acquired a couple of the Callaway X Hot Hybrid clubs and have shot lower scores than with my former Cobras." a user reviewed. All misses will be met with distance losses of some sort, but the thin walls and speed frame face of the driver really seems to combine well to minimize the amount of ball speed that is lost on extreme miss-hits.

Callaway employed its powerfully fast Speed Frame Face Technology that increases ball speed, saves weight and optimizes stiffness and stress distribution across the face for more efficient energy transfer. You really do get the feeling of the ball launching off of the face thanks not only to the sound but also the Callaway speed frame face design. This design is intended to increase ball speed across the face.

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