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Master English Today [English lessons from a native speaker]
Posted by: Teacherchen (IP Logged)
Date: November 06, 2010 06:27PM
大家好!我是一名出生于海外的华裔。英语是我的母语,我也学了有二十一年了。教学经验虽然只仅两年,但是已在这短短的时间内为英语作为第二语言的学生们精心设计了一套利于他们吸收知识的教 学方式。


我修的是英国英语,曾多次考取剑桥大学不同级的文凭,因此教的自然而然是此版英语。尽管如此, 我也熟悉美国英语。其实它们之间差异不大,但是我们始终不该忽略任何一种。总而言之,不论你想学习英语的目的是为了进步学业、提高工作上的竞争力、或者甚至想更容易与外国人沟通交友,这是你的良机,现在就请做出决定,向你掌握英语不远的未来迈进吧!


付款方式必须是 Paypal

(上课时间灵活,但一般选择周一至六,之前预定就可。每堂课最长只限两个钟。为了维持教学水准 ,我只限收五位学生,对此深感遗憾。)



期待大家的联系 : )



Hello guys! I'm a Chinese born and raised overseas. English is my native language and I have been learning it for twenty-one years now. Although comparingly I only have a mere two years of teaching experience, I have in fact, in this short period of time, meticulously created a unique set of teaching techniques that are especially beneficial to students who are learning English as a second language.

Are you a beginner? Or are you at an intermediate level? You can rest assured in any case. The adage "Rome wasn't built in a day" couldn't be more fitting. If one wishes to achieve, he has to do it gradually, painstakingly accumulating his efforts, before results can be seen.

British English was what I'd picked up, with the numerous exams I'd sat for under Cambridge University, which certificates I was presented with. Naturally it would only be right for me to be advocating usage of this particular type of English. However, I'm equally familiar with American English. Truth be told, there are differences among the two, but they are pretty minor. Nonetheless, we should not disregard either form. Regardless of the reason behind your desire to learn English; be it to improve grades, increase your competitiveness as an employee, or even to make communication easier between you and friends from abroad, this is a great opportunity and I honestly don't see why you shouldn't be making a decision to embark on your journey to mastering English.

Courses Available
1)English Tutorials
2)Conversational English
3)Reading and Writing English

A uniform fee applies for abovementioned courses: With every unitary half hour at 6USD, every full hour at 10USD.
Payment has to be made through Paypal.

(Timeslots are largely flexible, though weekdays and Saturdays are preferred, as long as lesson is booked and confirmed in advance. Lessons should last no longer than two hours. To maintain a certain level of professionalism, I regret to inform you that I will only be accepting up to five students.)

Each lesson will be content-rich, succinct, and to the point in order to minimise time wastage. Reasonable requests will be acceded to.

If interested kindly send a brief description about yourself together with your email address to

Looking forward to meeting you : )


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