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For English Teachers
Posted by: Piggerman (IP Logged)
Date: April 18, 2011 05:46PM
Just curious, what are some of your favorite language classroom games to play???

One of my favorites is the squeaky hammer that makes a noise when you hit something.

Students hold the word/picture cards in front of them. I tell them if I try to bonk thier head with a hammer they must hold the card over thier head and speak the English word before i can bonk them in slow motion.
The game gets faster as we go along and the words and laughter gets louder and louder.

Preperation is learning the words in the first half of class. When I give the student thier card I will be sure they can say the word and help them pronounce it before the bonking begins. If a student gets bonked I help them to speak thier card word. After a short time and everyone can say thier words we switch cards.

To be clear this is a game and they only get hit hard enough to make the hammer squeak normally i hit my own head more with the hammer than the students get it.

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