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Want a free copy of an English reading/vocabulary book? ^^
Posted by: Dangauss (IP Logged)
Date: May 19, 2011 12:49AM
I wrote a book to help foreign speakers of English improve their reading and vocabulary.

Do you want a copy for free? the finger smiley

If so, please send me an e-mail message at

I promise to send you a free copy via e-mail attachment. smileys with beer

If you want to buy a copy for your Kindle or Nook or Ipad, you can do this for only $3.50 through If you click on the link below you will see information on how to do this. The book can also be downloaded to your PC. smiling smiley


Book description:

Are you a student of the English language who is curious about what life is like in New York City? Need to improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension and knowledge of idioms?

A Columbia University educated author, experienced teacher and tutor and former English tutor of the K-pop group Wonder Girls, Daniel Gauss has written a hilarious book for foreign students titled: New York City Sucks, But You'll Wanna Live Here Anyway.

Through the journal entries of "Suzy" a fictional immigrant who has lived in New York City for 13 years, you can read about the deep, dark secrets of the "greatest city in the world". This book contains 22 short chapters on bed-bugs, NYC history, police scandals, political corruption, poverty and homelessness in the Big Apple, sex clubs, diversity and race-relations, subway murder, strange suicides and more more more!

Read everything that the Mayor of New York does not want you to know before you travel to New York City! Indeed, you can even read about how Mayor "Bloombucks" became mayor and how he has dominated New York City politics through money, money and more money.

New York City Sucks contains over 1000 highlighted and defined USEFUL intermediate and high-level English vocabulary words and idioms, 22 fill-in-the-blank exercises, and 22 grammar review sections [/u]based on common mistakes made by foreign students. This book is fun to read and USEFUL at the same time.

[u]Need something to read in English that will help you and entertain you at the same time? This book is for you


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Re: Want a free copy of an English reading/vocabulary book? ^^
Posted by: Dangauss (IP Logged)
Date: May 19, 2011 01:02AM
Sample from the intro. Definitions of useful words follow the reading passage.

Introduction from Suzy

You can learn the good stuff about New York City elsewhere. I want to tell you the nasty, rotten stuff. Maybe it's something about my personality. Maybe I’m a cynic. Or maybe I'm a do-gooder and I don't want you to be fooled about what exists over here before you come here.

Immigrants used to come to America expecting to make money very quickly or to obtain well-paying jobs and they were often treated like crap by the European folks who got here first. And, instead of writing back home and saying, "Don’t make the same mistake I made! They treat immigrants like crap here!", people were too embarrassed and would write back home and say, "Wow! What a great country! There is money to be made all over the place! I am so glad I came here!" Basically, people would just flat out lie to cover up the fact that they had made a bad decision. That meant that more people would come over and have bad experiences and then write nice things about their experiences. A whole cycle of this nonsense occurred.

Well, you won't get that from me, baby. There are rotten things about New York City. REALLY rotten things. There are some nasty, ugly, mean-spirited people here. There are people who live for nothing but money and their own personal comfort here. Selfishness abounds. There is wide-spread, incredible poverty and a billionaire mayor who has, basically, ignored the poor, but who thinks he has done a wonderful job. There are neighborhoods where you'd be crazy to go. Some inner city young people carry concealed guns and sometimes people get shot by stray bullets.

There is massive corruption in the state government, a system of transportation that would be an embarrassment in a third world country and a police force that is seemingly everywhere with huge scary guns and sometimes even scarier attitudes. It’s true that New York City is the most diverse city in the world, but the different ethnicities and races seem to shun each other here.

Let me start by complaining about the language schools here. I'll then complain about everything I can think of complaining about. I'll also throw in some good stuff about New York City, and some suggestions as to how you can survive here, but this ESL book is primarily meant to give you some extra words (vocabulary development helps fluency) and to entertain you with the cold, hard truth about the "greatest" city in the world.

More than anything, I want you to be ready when you get here. I want you to be empowered here because this place can be rough. If you know a few things ahead of time that other people aren't telling you, you'll be safer and have a better experience here.

Definitions of highlighted words:

stuff – this is a much used word in the American vocabulary. It’s singular but means a collection of things. For instance, if you want to go shopping you might say you need to buy “a bunch of stuff.” "A bunch" is a collection of something, like a bunch of bananas. The closest synonym to stuff would be “things.” You can learn the good things about New York City elsewhere. I don’t need any more stuff in my living room. I like learning stuff about nature. Give me more of that stuff on that plate – it’s tasty! Be careful, though. Many foreign students sometimes pluralize this word, but there is no such word as "stuffs": only stuff.

elsewhere – another source, another place, somewhere else.

nasty, rotten – a nasty attitude is a mean, not nice, aggressive and negative attitude. If you ask a sales clerk a question and she says, “Don’t bother me.” that’s a nasty attitude. "To bother" a person means to annoy or irritate the person. Rotten means something bad. If you leave an apple lying around for several days it will become rotten. Any food left lying around too long will become rotten. You will probably feel disgusted looking at a rotten piece of fruit. So if somebody acts in a rotten way, you will feel disgusted by them. By the way, attitude is a good vocabulary word. Many foreign students mistakenly use the word "mind". They might say, "I don't like the American mind about guns." What they mean is, "I don't like the American attitude about guns". If a person is kind of nasty, we can also say that he or she has a "bad attitude".

A personality - a person's personality is made up of all of the psychological characteristics of a person. Sometimes there are certain characteristics that stand out more than others so a person might be described as having a pleasant personality, or a negative, bad or nasty personality. An American might say, "He has such a bad personality. He's always critical and negative." I have a sweet personality.

a cynic – someone who tends to always see the negative side of things. If you are like this you are a cynical person or a cynic. The word cynic comes from an ancient Greek word for a group of philosophers who tried to remove themselves from Greek society in order to criticize it. They kind of lived like homeless people or Buddhist monks. These philosophers never seemed to see anything positive about their society.

A do-gooder – a do-gooder is someone who does good things for others. The high-level version of this word is “altruist”. This word comes from the Latin word “alter” for “other”. If you are an altruist you care about other people more than you care about yourself. “Ego” means “I” in Latin. An egoist is someone who cares about himself or herself more than others. If you are an egoist you can also be called “egocentric.” You can also be called self-centered or selfish.

To be fooled – to be deceived, to be tricked, to expect one thing and then to be surprised with something else (usually negative).

Over here – many foreign students say “in here”. No, you are now “over here”. I used to live in Moscow but I have been over here for 5 years now. Over here. Please practice this because it drives me crazy when people say, “I’ve been in here for 5 years.” Over here.

To treat s/o like crap – “to treat someone” means to act toward them in a certain way. I have been treated well by Americans since I came over here. If someone treats another person like crap, he treats that person badly. “Crap” means poop. Poop. The stuff that comes out of your butt/ass when you sit on the toilet. Ok? Poop, crap, shit. Your butt or ass is what you sit on. The polite term for “ass” is “butt”. Be careful because “to treat” can also mean to pay for someone. i.e. Let me treat you to dinner tonight.

Folks – is a term that lots of people are using for people these days. Some folks think that this economic crisis was caused by irresponsible bankers. There are some folks who like to travel, but I enjoy reading and staying in New York City. I disagree with the folks who think we need to build more prisons and I agree with the folks who suggest we should develop our cities to prevent crime.

To make a mistake – please be aware that the verb you use with “mistake” is “to make”. i.e. I made a mistake when I got off the subway in Brooklyn instead of Flushing.

A flat-out lie – flat-out means absolute or complete. A complete lie. He told a flat-out lie. He flat out lied.

To cover up s/t – to try to hide something. Politicians usually try to cover up various wrong things that they have done. In American history President Nixon tried to cover up the Watergate scandal, in which he illegally and secretly recorded conversations of his political enemies in the Watergate Hotel. President Reagan tried to cover up the Iran-Contra scandal, in which he illegally sold weapons to Iran through a group in South America called The Contras. "In which" is used as a relative pronoun a lot in English: I was involved in an activity in which I made a lot of money. Bill Clinton tried to cover up the fact that he had sex with Monica Lewinsky. "The fact that" is used a lot in English. I don't like the fact that he has a nasty temper. People were upset by the fact that the Congress raised taxes again. "The fact that" serves the function of an object which is explained afterwards in the sentence.

A cycle – a complete process that begins again. We use “a vicious cycle” to mean negative actions that continue each other. For instance, revenge leads to a vicious cycle. Hatred leads to a vicious cycle of hatred in that person A hates B and B returns the hatred so that A then hates B even more and B then hates A more etc. "In that" is also used as a relative pronoun - it kind of means: "because" or "for the reason that". There is also something called a “benevolent cycle” or a good cycle. If a company pays its workers well then the workers work harder and the company makes more money and can pay the workers more and they work even harder; this is a benevolent cycle.

Mean-spirited – having a mean or nasty spirit or attitude. Attitude is a good vocabulary word to know – it can be used a lot. If someone is mean-spirited they do not act in a kindly way. It is as if they are motivated by an evil or mean spirit.

To abound – if something abounds it is all over the place. It spreads rapidly. This word isn’t used much; don’t worry about it. Racism abounded in the South in the past, but now things are better there.

Wide-spread – all over the place. It has spread to many parts of a place. The swine flu is not as wide-spread as people thought it might be. AIDS has become wide-spread in parts of Africa.

A billionaire mayor - a billionaire has 1 billion dollars or more. 1 billion is this: 1,000,000,000. A mayor is the leader of a city. The current Mayor of New York is the wealthiest person in the city with over 15 billion dollars. It is no coincidence (no accident) that the wealthiest person is mayor here.

You'd be crazy to go there - to be crazy means to be mentally ill, or insane. To be crazy to go someplace means that a normal, rational (logical) person would not go there because if he/she were to go to that place, he/she would not be safe.

Concealed – hidden. In America everyone who does not have a serious criminal record and who is over a certain age may buy a gun. It is illegal in most states, however, to carry a concealed gun. Believe it or not, there are some places in America where you can carry a concealed gun (Texas, for instance).

Stray – something is stray when it goes someplace it wasn’t supposed to go. A stray bullet is a bullet that goes in a wrong direction or someplace the shooter of the gun didn’t want it to go. Recently, a 90 year old woman was sitting in her apartment in the Bronx and a stray bullet from a gun went through her window and killed her. Members of teenage street gangs had been shooting at each other. A stray dog is a dog that is lost or no longer has a home.

Massive corruption – massive means a huge amount. Corruption is dishonesty and wrong-doing. Political corruption means secret or hidden or covered-up wrong-doing on the part of politicians. Corruption literally means “rottenness”.

A third world country - During the Cold War period of history (1945 - 1989), a third world country was any country that wasn't an ally (friend) of the United States or Russia. So small, developing countries were called third-world countries, and they are called this even to this day.

Diverse - not the same, different. The opposite word would be "homogeneous." That is pronounced "ho mage in us" not "ho mo jean ee us". A homogeneous city would be a city that has, basically, the same race or ethnicity of people - basically everyone looks similar in a homogeneous city.

Ethnicities – an ethnic group is not a racial group. If you were born in Korea, your race is Asian but your ethnicity is Korean. America is made up of many different ethnic groups: German, Irish, Polish, Italian, Jewish, Chinese, Latino etc. The original European folks who came here were white, English (also called Anglo Saxon) and Protestant (a different Christian grouping from Catholic). So if a person in America is a WASP, he/she comes from this original type of immigrant to America: White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Believe it or not, WASPs do not make up the largest ethnic group in America. Currently German-Americans are the largest grouping (17%), followed by Latinos. The number of Latinos in America is increasing rapidly, however, and so this group will soon become the most populous.

To shun – to avoid

To throw in – to include

To be or feel empowered – to feel as if you have the capacity or the power to be able to do something


For all fill-in-the-blank activities, the verbs can be used in all tenses and the nouns can be plural.

A cynic, nasty, stray, corruption, ethnicity, personality, to shun, concealed

When talking about the different types of ____________ in America, you can say that America is either a melting pot or a salad bowl. According to the melting pot concept, people from different cultures come here and after a couple generations become typical Americans. According to the salad bowl concept, people come here and maintain their own cultural identities for generations, becoming part of a cultural mixture.

Although many business leaders in America have donated huge sums of money to charities, a ___________ might argue that the donations are not “from the heart” but are meant to make the business leaders look more human than they really are.

Many newcomers to New York City are shocked by the __________ attitude that many MTA (subway) workers have; if you ask them a question they often answer rudely or just ignore you.

Even though the United States Constitution allows Americans to own guns, these guns must never be carried in a ___________ manner. In fact, the guns are not supposed to be carried at all – they are for home protection.

Everyone was relieved to hear that the teenage girl in the Bronx, who had been hit by a _________ bullet from an illegal gun, was going to live.

The most obvious type of political _____________ involves politicians taking bribes (money given to a politician illegally to influence a political decision).

I was really surprised to find out that sales clerks in department stores, in New York City, have such nice ______________.

In Paris and some other European cities the clerks do not treat the buyers with much respect or kindness, but in New York the clerks will smile and chat and talk to you about your purchase.

A person coming to America who wants to avoid getting fat needs to _________ all the tasty bagels and fried foods which are everywhere in this city.

Answers: Ethnicities, cynic, nasty, concealed, stray, corruption, personality, shun

Re: Want a free copy of an English reading/vocabulary book? ^^
Posted by: Astroboy (IP Logged)
Date: May 19, 2011 11:01AM
Good stuff. But some corrections.

Over here - "over" is redundant.
One can say: "I have been here for five years." No need to add the word "over."

Re: Want a free copy of an English reading/vocabulary book? ^^
Posted by: Robertwyant (IP Logged)
Date: May 23, 2011 01:34AM
I'd love to get a copy if this is for reAL.

Re: Want a free copy of an English reading/vocabulary book? ^^
Posted by: Dangauss (IP Logged)
Date: May 23, 2011 09:05AM
Hi Robert...

I'd be happy to send you a free copy. Can you please drop me a line at [email protected]?

I will send you a Word copy via e-mail attachment. If you ahve students and want to use these reading passages with them, I'd be happy!!!!!!

Hardly anyone has asked for a free copy...i think they think there is a "catch", but there is no catch. smiling smiley

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