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Replace Passwords With Facial Recognition on Windows and Mac OS X
Posted by: Emilychang (IP Logged)
Date: June 26, 2012 04:28AM
Operating systems are evolving, be it on a mobile or desktop platform. In fact software giants are introducing unique features to keep their loyal users and fans engaged. The latest Windows 8 OS from the Redmond based software giant features a refreshingly new Metro UI and a touch friendly interface to stay in the tablet game. Same is the case with Mac, Linux, Android, Windows Phone and iOS operating systems when it comes to changes or innovation for that matter. But often the old software version users are denied access to these new features.

The one area where changes have occurred over time is the way users login to these operating systems. The security app that lets admins secure OS on Windows 8 now includes a picture password feature and whereas Android features a new face unlock facial recognition technology. But what does Windows users prior to Windows 8 and Mac OS X users have got to boast about. We have already covered a facial recognition app for Windows 7 that allows users to set face a login security measure but again it was not available for Mac OS.

Meet KeyLemon a freeware that is available for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you replace the old-fashioned passwords with new sci-fi like biometric system. It uses facial recognition technology to store users face model and later allow access if a correct match is found after scanning. Once installed KeyLemon works along with the standard Windows login system and will be displayed on the logon screen itself. So you can also login manually in case something goes wrong.

Download and install KeyLemon free version to get started. Now follow the steps in setup wizard to correctly set a face model for your desktop. The steps includes selecting a camera source, positioning yourself in front of the camera, creating a face model and then confirming by setting a suitable reference name. Note that while creating face models make sure enough light is falling on your face and avoid strong backlight. Once confirmed the KeyLemon biometric system will be enabled and will co-exist along with standard Windows or Mac login tool.

In this free KeyLemon version, Control Center can be accessed to change profile settings, create a new face model and enable or disable LemonDay plugin. LemonDay plugin is free and it tracks face evolution by automatically saving images daily.It improves the quality of service and also makes KeyLemon more efficient in scanning face in different lighting conditions.

But most of Windows 7 users still use the traditional text password for their Windows login, which may make a big troule of forgot Windows password. With the sadness, they have nothing to do but complain. Actually, it is not a terrible thing if you have created a password reset disk or a password hint before. Of course, if possible, you can also download a Windows 7 password recovery tool to solve the trouble.

With the coming of Windows 8, we can update our Windows 7 and also use the facial recognition as the login password which is indeed convenient for us to password protected the laptop securely.

Re: Replace Passwords With Facial Recognition on Windows and Mac OS X
Posted by: Incbefjssop (IP Logged)
Date: January 11, 2014 04:19AM
Thanks for your share about Windows password. But I think password forgotten is not the problem nowadays, so we need not be worried. And here are two tools you can use to unlock Windows password:
1. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, which can delete your former password and login computer directly.

2. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. No matter you want to reset or change your password, or create a new account that software all can help you. So to unlock Windows password is also OK.

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