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Ulonda (22/10/2020 17:29:25)
I am trying to get this for a friend her name is spelled with a u instead of a y
Lopez (22/10/2020 11:53:55)
My name is Guillermo, but i like too much my surname Lopez.
Manish Reddy Savasani (20/10/2020 04:26:29)
Need names Uma and Manish in chinese
Atha (19/10/2020 21:05:25)
Hey i'd like to know what my name would look like in Chinese. My name is Atha
Jill (19/10/2020 16:46:55)
Please, how would I spell my name using Mandarin characters?
Athul (19/10/2020 04:49:07)
Please translate my name athul
Meksavanh (18/10/2020 21:14:14)
Harshita (18/10/2020 03:15:19)
Can I please know how to write my name in Chinese
Mukthipudi Wilfred Samuel Paul (17/10/2020 13:39:18)
I couldn't translate my name so am here for help.
Quesiaz Ramirez (16/10/2020 13:58:52)
I would love to know how to translate my name into Chinese
Yogita Bang (16/10/2020 05:08:19)
Yogita in Chinese
Granger Foley Brioin (13/10/2020 21:55:27)
please translate my name
himanshi (13/10/2020 06:57:18)
can I plz know hoe to write my name HIMANSHI in chinese
ณัฐ​สุดา​ (11/10/2020 02:36:00)
ชื่อจริงของฉันคือ​ ณัฐ​สุดา​ นามสกุล​ สุดาทิพย์​ ชื่อเล่น​ นุ้ย​ ฉันอยากได้ชื่อที่เป็ นภาษาจีนช่วยตั้งชื่อ เล่นชื่อจริงนามสกุล​ ที่ใกล้เคียงหรือความ หมายดีๆให้ฉันได้ไหมค ะ
Adalyn (06/10/2020 12:09:53)
Please translate my name (Adalyn) into Chinese. So far I have tried to do it myself, and I succeeded in coming up with Ādá lín (阿达林) but I don't know if that would be correct or not. I just want to know what my name in chinese is for my class.
Karabo (03/10/2020 03:47:10)
Please translate Karabo my name to
Shabnum Hassan (01/10/2020 05:16:52)
Hello. Could you please send me the translated Chinese characters for my first and last names?

Thank you very much!
Shalini (30/09/2020 20:02:48)
Hi. My name is shalini I am like to what will be like in chinese
johanna thiery aresvik (29/09/2020 17:49:26)

I am curious to see what my name would mean in chinese characters if possible.

I wish you a good day

kind regards
johanna thiery aresvik
Hannah (29/09/2020 14:47:46)
How is Hadassah written, pronounced in Chinese? I would like the character and ping yan spelling
Amrutha (26/09/2020 03:23:06)
I want this to translate into chinese using English keyboard
Lane (24/09/2020 19:58:15)
Can anyone help me write the name Lane in Chinese? I will be moving to China soon and would like to have some idea. Thanks
Realyn Jane Barredo (23/09/2020 04:49:35)
I would like to know the Chinese full name for
Realyn Jane Barredo
Thank you in advance.
suseela (22/09/2020 23:36:22)
Sierrah (22/09/2020 12:38:53)
I would like to know the Chinese name for

Sierrah Floyd

My instructor gave me the first name 西瑞。 I would like to know my surname.
Mehroze Nasir (19/09/2020 08:54:28)
mehroze[email protected]
Junellie (13/09/2020 14:57:29)
How do you translate Heriberto into Chinese letter.
Johanna Rueda (01/09/2020 08:27:31)
Hello eveyone,
I would like to know how my full name in Chinese is. Johanna Rueda Celis and how can I find my daughter’s names?

Thank you so much.
Eric (31/08/2020 16:32:59)
"Eric" - Old Norse. Meaning. "sole ruler", "eternal ruler"
Meaning: "sole ruler", "eternal ruler"
Region of origin: Germania
Ajeet Singh (31/08/2020 04:27:59)
Hi,My name is Ajeet singh I would be thankful if my name can be written in chinese.
Shoaib (25/08/2020 22:44:00)
I need Chinese name for myself. My name is Shoaib and it's Arabic origin and it's meaning is Gyide
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