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Jillian (20/01/2021 11:14:58)
Looking for translations on the following names: Jillian, Liev, and Quinn
Elija Faye A. De Juan (20/01/2021 07:02:26)
Elija Faye A. De Juan
SUJAL KUMAUN (19/01/2021 11:32:23)
sanjana (19/01/2021 00:07:27)
can you please tell me how to spell my name in chinese
Fice (18/01/2021 23:20:56)
I want my brother and sisters’ names translated to Chinese calligraphy so i can get it tattooed on me. Their name are Kaiden, and Cattleya
hanizan (17/01/2021 23:42:27)
[email protected]
Amrin (17/01/2021 09:06:19)
I want to know how to write this name in chinese
Dhruv (17/01/2021 04:09:06)
Translate my name in chinese. My name is Dhruv.
Melvin Howard (16/01/2021 18:39:08)
English to Chinese translation, please.
Jadai (14/01/2021 11:14:22)
Im the only one with this name only thing close to my name jada.
Preethi (14/01/2021 03:50:08)
I want to change two Indian names into Chinese names....The names are given below:
1. Preethi
2. Harish
Kennis (10/01/2021 10:15:49)
I have a few names cause I’m ordering a spirit tablet.
Yin Yann
Luck Yin
Mom Maong
Ouk Svay
Ouch svay

If you can help it would be great!
Tyqresha (04/01/2021 17:44:01)
No one has the same name as me so I would like to see what it would be!!
Jashia Islam (02/01/2021 04:22:32)
I want my full name in Chinese with unique meaning.
Amyda (01/01/2021 22:30:20)
translate my name in chinese AMYDA
Chhavi (28/12/2020 05:59:04)
Please write my name "Chhavi" in Chinese.
Nashra (28/12/2020 03:22:19)
I want my name in chinese ‘ Nashra’
Akash mohanan (24/12/2020 05:06:47)
Could you please write my name in mandarin
navya (23/12/2020 23:56:53)
Can you please translate my name? Navya in Chinese
William Richards (21/12/2020 23:21:49)
Can you please translate my name?.
Asih Tri widiarti (20/12/2020 19:55:18)
Please help me..
Janna Salonga (13/12/2020 11:33:44)
Can you translate my name?
tuimalae-marita (08/12/2020 19:51:51)
你好, may i have my name translated ,please. my name is tuimalae-marita witeti afeleti
veronica (07/12/2020 19:04:15)
Hello can you please translate my daughters name "Larona Owethu" thank you
Nakishia (04/12/2020 00:17:55)
Can you translate my name in Chinese alphabet,tanx
Huzaifa (02/12/2020 00:56:01)
Hello I want my name in Chinese but my name is not in Chinese pls send me my name in Chinese
Sisqo (17/11/2020 02:37:09)
Plz translate my name.
My name is sisqo.
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