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Deogratious (27/09/2021 03:04:23)
wanna get translation of my name
desirae (21/09/2021 18:49:59)
Can you please translate these names?


In caligraphy?
Thank you
syida (17/09/2021 08:23:31)
Ni hao, wo jiao syida, wo de hanyu mingzi zen meyang?
Dilawar (09/09/2021 11:06:52)
Please translate my name in Chinese language,i want to make it's tatto
Hamna Latheef (03/09/2021 16:26:19)

Please convert my name i to Chinese
I would really love to know as im currently learning Chinese

Thank You!
Mikaela (30/08/2021 11:25:29)
Hi can anyone translate my name into mandarin please?
Rashita (21/08/2021 01:29:26)
Hi, pls translate the correct Chinese name which align with my birth name.
Jeremy Scarrette (19/08/2021 12:22:48)
What is my last name written in Chinese?
Syazlin (16/08/2021 03:33:49)
Hi please translate “Haiqal” in chinese name . Tq :)
Anamika (10/08/2021 00:59:31)
Hello, please help me out finding the correct chinese name which aligns with my original name.
Sana Iftikhar (09/08/2021 11:09:27)
Translate it into Chinese
Chanudi Perera (04/08/2021 03:39:35)
I would love to know what my name would be in Mandarin !! Hope you could help me with it
ardiah (28/07/2021 21:49:01)
hi, I was wondering what my name would be in mandarin. hope you can help me, thank you
Owen (24/07/2021 08:43:23)
Hello, I was wondering what my name would be in Mandarin Chinese. My first name is Owen and surname Latt. (Short version of my surname)

Many thanks
mahitha (20/07/2021 04:34:53)
Genesis (18/07/2021 17:34:26)
Please write my name in Chinese. thank you
SWAROOP (18/07/2021 04:38:13)
Please wrrite my name in chinese
Aleka Graham (16/07/2021 11:08:31)
I want to learn my Chinese name.
Tanvi Chawla (15/07/2021 19:50:21)
[email protected]
Zailin (14/07/2021 21:52:56)
I always wanted to know how I could write my name in Chinese characters I hope you can help me
batul (12/07/2021 03:56:17)
Srinu Deepak (11/07/2021 00:10:25)
Convert my name Srinu Deepak in Chinese
Rayeee (23/06/2021 12:38:19)
Mom of 2 (20/06/2021 23:25:51)
I have two kids whose names are “Lane” and “Montana”. Their names are not in the database in Chinese and I’m hoping to learn their names in Chinese for an upcoming art project! Thank you.
Kaiami (07/06/2021 23:15:00)
My name is Kaiami. Pronounced like Kai - Ah - Mi. Please let me know what it is in chinese.
Angel Tan III (04/06/2021 00:45:30)
Angel Tan III
Troy Dittenhoffer (30/05/2021 19:42:25)
plz tell me my chinese name my english name is Troy Dittenhoffer
Thayshbeth (25/05/2021 14:53:01)
i want to know how to write my name in chinese for my graduation cap
Tiphannie Thompson (24/05/2021 22:25:48)
Hi, can you please translate Tiphannie Thompson for me. Thanks
Elliana (24/05/2021 11:49:40)
Elliana in chinese
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