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Thanseela (08/08/2020 02:24:46)
Can you translate name Thanseela
Priya (07/08/2020 23:03:46)
M (05/08/2020 13:26:35)
Could you add Tyler to the list?
Lionel (03/08/2020 00:42:48)
Can you translate the name Lionel into Chinese please
Aroofa (23/07/2020 07:24:02)
Can u translate this name aroofa
Fahim Rahman (16/07/2020 14:38:17)
shyam lohchab (09/07/2020 22:07:21)
My name is shyam lohchab can you translate it
Marellie (01/07/2020 22:44:28)
My first name is Marellie. I am a girl. Can you give me both the chinese name and the chinese characters? Thank you.
Jarrid (30/06/2020 21:02:18)
Jarrid. I am a boy.
Katiana (30/06/2020 16:41:06)
I'm a girl.
deborah ann terrell (22/06/2020 22:37:50)
i love to be called Debi. I shortened it so it wouldnt be so hard to write. Only when i sign my checks so i use my long version. But most of my true friends i request that they call me debi. Trying to order my name in chinese calligraphy
Tahj (18/06/2020 00:25:44)
Hey guys! Can you translate the name Tahj? Or even Taj Mahal? I want to get a tattoo of my name in Chinese characters or even Chinese calligraphy.
Afnan (11/06/2020 00:42:40)
I am a girl.
Tanzil (11/06/2020 00:41:31)
I am a boy.
Dihep (10/06/2020 05:07:47)
Hello, I am learning Chinese and I noticed my name is quite easy for Chinese people to pronounce. It is spelled "Dihep" and pronounced "Dee-yep". Please translate my name, thank you!
Daisha (29/05/2020 08:50:26)
What is the shortest way to translate the name Shaviq Alexander into symbols
I Putu Arie (28/05/2020 09:14:04)
can you please give me a chinese name for these name.
Leslie Dupont (27/05/2020 16:46:25)
Please translate my name
Abhyast (26/05/2020 11:05:21)
Hello please translate my name 'Abhyast' in mandarin
adeef (26/05/2020 05:31:11)
I am adeef can u pleas translate my name in chinese
Yanet (21/05/2020 23:28:03)
Please translate my name
Akshit (21/05/2020 14:07:52)
Hi can you please translate my name...
Wo shi Akshit.
Hehe I have started to learn Chinese a week ago...
Yeshwanth (17/05/2020 22:01:51)
Can you translate my name " Yeshwanth"
Arleen (17/05/2020 08:58:21)
Hello can you translate my name please❤️

Sambit (16/05/2020 05:53:34)
Please Write my name in chinese
SHAILJA SHARMA (15/05/2020 00:02:04)
Write my name in chinese
Eriq (14/05/2020 03:09:00)
Laaheerie (13/05/2020 12:51:13)
How do I write my name in Chinese writing
Midhun (13/05/2020 12:51:12)
Zselyke (09/05/2020 18:19:55)
Eileen lim siew yen (05/05/2020 03:36:55)
I want to know my name “EILEEN LIM SIEW YEN” in chinese
Nick McLoota (03/05/2020 17:28:40)

Trying to find out my last name in Chinese symbols. I'm getting a Wok as a gift and want to put our last name in Chinese.


Thank you!!!!

Dheeraj Govindu (30/04/2020 05:37:25)
Translate chinna in Chinese calligraphy
Sashi (30/04/2020 02:22:48)
Sashi & Samhitha
Phonthip (28/04/2020 12:44:12)
Phonthip พรทิพย์ เขียนเป็นภาษาจีนได้อ ย่างไรค่ะ
Phani (28/04/2020 08:53:35)
I would like to get my phani ni Chinese translation
Dollypin (28/04/2020 06:51:26)
Hi! My name is Dollypin (sounds as Dalipin) and I would like to get my name into Chinese writing in accordance to how it sounds if possible. Thank you very much for the help!
Kenice (27/04/2020 03:13:23)
I would like to get Kenice translate In Chinese language
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