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Shyra Vi (23/04/2007 01:34:13)
Please Send my name in chinese language.
Dean (22/04/2007 21:34:05)
Hi the name I need translated is Chantelle.
Souroosh Nazari (22/04/2007 16:13:27)
Hey, how so you write the name Souroosh Nazari in chinese?
Ray (22/04/2007 13:32:58)
Hi there, What is the translation of the name: Phoebe.
I wanna thank you in advance... Ray.
Raffoul (22/04/2007 09:59:52)
my email is [email protected]
Add me and letz chat regarding this matter :P c u
Raffoul Francis (22/04/2007 09:58:47)
I want to change my name into chinese it is Raffoul
Srishti (21/04/2007 19:28:29)
Hello, can you please translate my name to Chinese.
Thanks, Srishti.
Loewen (21/04/2007 16:16:25)
I noticed you have one for Lowen but how about Loewen?
Jamse (21/04/2007 15:39:41)
Could someone please tell me how to write these names in Chinese : Amelia, Calli, Josh, Georgia, Kayleigh and Debbie?
Many thanks, James.
Friffy Butchy (21/04/2007 14:26:45)
Please translate the above name .
Thank you
Alex (21/04/2007 14:06:14)
May I have my name translated in chinese to where I can read it in english but it's my chinese name please?
Alex (21/04/2007 14:04:47)
My Chinese Name Translated?
Huynh Thai Lel (21/04/2007 13:12:49)
Hello, what is my name in chinese characters?
My name is Lel. Thanks.
Karin (21/04/2007 13:08:12)
Hi, how would you translate Karin into chinese?
Robert (21/04/2007 12:18:06)
Hi, i just found the translation of Monique and Robert, but not the one for Castle.
Could you help me?
Bob(波波) (21/04/2007 11:00:38)
to Beverly,
Your name in Chinese is "贝弗莉", it's a beautiful name like a princess. The pinyin is "bèi fú lì"
If you have any questions, please contact me directly.
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