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Janay (24/04/2007 10:34:01)
Hi, could you please give me the chinese transcription of the following names: Janay, Tonishia, Tyrone, Crystal, Deneen and Valtorrey.
Thank you very much.
Jeff van Aalst (24/04/2007 07:43:59)
Please could you translate my daughter's name for me : Alana.
Dijana (24/04/2007 05:14:45)
Hi, could you please translate Dijana and Sinisa?
Donna Abraham (24/04/2007 02:40:27)
Hi, could you translate the following names please : Donna Abraham and Vidya.
Thank you.
Leatherneckco (23/04/2007 22:58:42)
Can you give the Chinese for the following : Cliff and Clifford?
Jacovia (23/04/2007 20:17:49)
Hey, could you give me my name in chinese please?
Robert L. Heim, Jr. (23/04/2007 14:16:39)
Hello, I'm looking for the following translation from English to Chinese : "The name is Ferne".
In advance thank you for the other name translations and will be looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Antonio (23/04/2007 12:54:17)
Vorrei conoscere il mio nome in cinese?
Baylassan (23/04/2007 12:21:53)
Hi, I'd like to know my name in chinese.
Nelia (23/04/2007 11:42:07)
Hello, I would love to see my name in chinese : Nelia.
Thank you.
Angelica (23/04/2007 11:03:19)
Angelica is not on the list and I would like to see this name in chinese calligraphy.
Thank you.
Warrior (23/04/2007 09:02:13)
Hi, could you tell me the chinese for "warrior" please?
Anu Wilson (23/04/2007 08:49:29)
Hi, could I get the correct calligraphy of my name please?
Rudi (23/04/2007 08:37:26)
Hi, the name I need translated is Zion.
Thanks for your help.
Adam (23/04/2007 07:53:10)
Hi I would like my son's name Kalum translated into chinese please.
Colin (23/04/2007 05:52:26)
Hi, is there a translation for Colin just as 科琳 found on this website?
Tatiana or Tania (23/04/2007 05:35:19)
I like short and meaningful, dignified.
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