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Sander Christ (28/04/2007 15:08:58)
Hi, can you help me to translate my name into chinese calligraphy? My name is Sander.
Thanks in advance.
Özlem (28/04/2007 13:55:27)
Hi, could please you add the translation of the name Özlem in your database?
Thank you.
Castle (28/04/2007 10:02:00)
Hi, could you translate "castle" into chinese please?
Thank you.
Lani (28/04/2007 02:31:29)
Could you please show me how to write in chinese the word "gold".
Thank you.
Kramer (27/04/2007 23:33:26)
Hi, I need Kramer for my teacher please.
Shannon (27/04/2007 21:09:02)
My home decore is all about Chinese Calligraphy. I was hoping to get my whole families names written and framed. Could you translate: Kaitlyn & Mackenzie?
Ozzie (27/04/2007 20:47:04)
Ni Hao, Can you please give me a pinyin transolation of Ozzie?
Xiexie, Ozzie
Lucas (27/04/2007 18:50:37)
Hi - I'm wondering if anyone could please translate my girlfriend's name - Lavinia - into chinese calligraphy for me?
Najmul (27/04/2007 15:48:52)
Hi, could you please translate the name Najmul into chinese calligraphy please, its an arabic name so i thought it would be cool if i could get in chinese too.
Tavia (27/04/2007 13:58:36)
Hi, I would like to get my son's Brylers name with the symbol for "love" in chinese.
Thank you.
Terran (27/04/2007 13:50:29)
can you translate Terran into chinese calligraphy please.
Thank you so much
Sam (27/04/2007 12:41:03)
Hi, can you please translate Jeff into Chinese calligraphy please.
Thank you.
Ed (27/04/2007 09:35:39)
I have a adopted daughter named Faith and I would like to find the chinese Calligraphy for Faith, mother, daughter.
Can you direct me to where I may find these?
Eric Seamon (27/04/2007 07:00:43)
hello , there. pls send me my name in Pinyin and in chinese characters if possible.

Also, what is the Mandarin Slang term for "Brother" when describing a friend that is not really your blood brother, but he is such a good friend that you can call him "my brother" ?
Camiel (27/04/2007 04:01:34)
Hi, could you please translate the female names of Dewi and Emelie for they are the names of my daughter and mother into chinese calligraphy?
Thank you.
Doménica (27/04/2007 01:37:04)
Could you please try and get the female name Domenica translated into Chinese and written in Chinese calligraphy please.
Thank you.
David johnson (26/04/2007 16:55:38)
Hi could you please translate Kerri (female) into chinese calligraphy please.
Thank you.
Tumelo Monnapula (26/04/2007 14:09:53)
Hey, could you translate my name into chinese characters please. It's african (if it helps).
Julius Jamal (26/04/2007 14:05:45)
Can you please help me figure out what the calligraphy for Julius would be? Then for Jamal...
Thank you so much.
Pankaj (26/04/2007 11:08:22)
Hi, can you translate this Indian male name for me please?
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