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Janaia (30/04/2007 11:04:12)
Hi, what would be my name in Chinese?
Thank you.
Aditi (30/04/2007 08:13:15)
Hi, could anybody translate Aditi and Manan into Chinese please?
Thanks for your help.
Puppi (30/04/2007 04:08:17)
The above (Puppi) is my name and i was wondering if you could spell this in chinese for me please and also in capital letters.
Thank you.
Ferdinand Rolly (30/04/2007 03:00:08)
Hi, could you transcript Ferdinand Rolly in Chinese please?
Jeff Song (29/04/2007 23:01:59)
Hello Daniel Herr, your name can be translated: 丹尼尔黑尔.
Jeff Song (29/04/2007 22:55:44)
Keyshla can be translated into 基莎, I have to know your daughter's birth date to give you the dragon symbol.
Daniel Herr (29/04/2007 22:55:14)
I'm looking to translate, at least phonetically, my last name in a chinese dialect. Last name is german: "Herr".
Thanks, 丹尼尔.
Jeff Song (29/04/2007 22:43:45)
Hello Axell, Kristan is called 克里斯蒂安 in chinese.
Jeff Song (29/04/2007 22:35:02)
Darlene could be called 达琳 in chinese.
Darlene (29/04/2007 22:08:10)
Hi, what would be the Chinese for Darlene?
Thanks for your help.
Lorna (29/04/2007 17:14:18)
Hi, could I have the translation of "Lorna Treacy" please?
Axell Concepcion (29/04/2007 15:22:04)
Please send me the name of my daughter Keyshla and the symbol of the dragon.
If you can send my last name Concepcion.
Thank you.
Kristan (29/04/2007 09:36:41)
Hi, could you translate Kristan (male) in Chinese?
Thank you.
Indian (29/04/2007 00:15:49)
Hi, how would you translate Indian into Chinese?
Talita (28/04/2007 17:59:11)
I'm Brazilian, I have a biblical name, but I cannot found this in your site. I know my name is not a uncommon name, so if you can help I'd like to see my chinese name! Thanks.
Melody (28/04/2007 17:32:55)
I need the name Mei Lin.
Thank you.
Tarik (28/04/2007 16:48:40)
Hi, could you please give me the chinese transcription of the name Tarik.
Thank you.
Ellie Laird (28/04/2007 16:34:35)
I need to know Kaja and Patryk in Chinese.
Thank you for your help.
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