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Jannik (03/05/2007 06:14:46)
Hallo bin 10 jahre und möchte gerne meinen namen in chinesich sehen und schreiben finde ihn aber nicht.
Ich heiße Jannik. Danke.
Karam (03/05/2007 06:03:11)
你们好, please could you give me the meaning and the 汉字 for thous names and its pinyin. The names are Soha, Noha and Yahya.
Thanks a lot for your time, 谢谢.
Meier Chen (03/05/2007 01:01:19)
hi, could you please help me find couples of alternatives for my Chinese names. I just joined a Chinese class and everyone should have a Chinese name. Unfortunately, my parents aren't good in Chinese.
Thanx in advance..
Rachael (02/05/2007 13:10:13)
Can you tell me the English to Chinese spelling for "Little One"?
Clover (02/05/2007 05:12:16)
Oops... this is the correct email add. If you know what Clover is in chinese please email me.
Zameer (02/05/2007 01:03:55)
Hi, could you please send me my sister and brothers name in chinese?
It's is Jalia and Zubaier.
Thank you.
Tan Lita (01/05/2007 23:36:16)
Could you please send me the chinese name for the following: Tan Lita, Lita Tan Binti Abdullah, Erawan Bin Lamusa @ Osman.
Thank you.
Zameer (01/05/2007 23:30:44)
Hi, could you please send me my chinese name?
Thank you.
Nadeem (01/05/2007 09:54:40)
Hi, could you please translate the names Nazzy and Nadeem into chinese?
Thank you.
Eck (01/05/2007 08:57:48)
Hi could you please translate "Hollie" into Chinese? Thanks a lot.
Clifford (01/05/2007 08:35:18)
Would like a picture of the writing caligraphy of my daughters name Pheonix Jade for a tattoo.
Clover (01/05/2007 05:21:33)
Hi, does anyone know how to translate Clover in Chinese?
Thank you.
Amanda Lac (30/04/2007 21:54:22)
Hi, could you please send me my chinese name as soon as possible?
Thank you.
Mohammed (30/04/2007 17:22:31)
Hi, could you translate Riya into Chinese please?
Bucko Arends (30/04/2007 15:56:14)
Hi there,
I've let my name translated to chinese twice. One on a stamp, the other on a painting, but both are very different.
Can you please translate both my first and last name?
- Bucko ('u' like 'but')
- Arends ('a' like the first 'a' in 'adidas', 'e' like the 'a' in 'and', the d isn't prenounced)
Robin (30/04/2007 15:11:07)
Hi, could you please translate the following names: Val, Rohde and Buddy?
Thanks, Robin.
Calla-Lyn (30/04/2007 14:01:31)
Hi, could you please translate Calla Lyn into Chinese?
Alisha (30/04/2007 12:51:16)
Hi, could you please translate my name Alisha?
Thank you.
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