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Wazid (04/05/2007 16:23:12)
Hi, my girlfriend's name is Manasa, could you please translate her name and my name Wazid also.
Thank you very much.
Hashim (04/05/2007 15:39:23)
Hi, could you please translate Hashim into Chinese?
Thanks a lot.
Mackenzie (04/05/2007 14:55:01)
Hi, this is my daughter's name, could you translate it into Chinese?
Anonymous (04/05/2007 11:35:51)
I want a transalation for the name Aei. It pronounce as "A" like letter aei.
Hazel (04/05/2007 10:55:13)
I need to get the translation for the name Beverly.
Clayton (04/05/2007 09:55:15)
Hi, could you please write Clayton Sawh in Chinese characters?
Thank you.
Shanu (04/05/2007 09:44:10)
Hi, could you please translate Shanu into Chinese?
Shaakir Shah (04/05/2007 06:59:45)
Hi, could you please write my name in chinese?
Kwstas (04/05/2007 06:58:05)
Hey there. I could use some help to translate the following words in chinese : "kwstas robo mousiki".
The first is my name is greek and the last is music in greek also.
Thanks a lot.
Konstantin (04/05/2007 01:47:10)
Please help me to convert my name to 汉字!
Buddy (03/05/2007 20:18:48)
Hi, what would be the Chinese for Buddy?
Padao Yang (03/05/2007 19:45:01)
Hi, could you write Padao Yang with chinese characters please?
Sheree (03/05/2007 17:32:18)
Hi, what would be the Chinese for Crystal Sheree Willey?
Gina (03/05/2007 16:47:11)
Can you please translate the names Leah, Mieko, Liza, Walkira, Isheka and Kywana in your chinese characters? Thanks.
Keiran (03/05/2007 15:54:27)
Hi, could you please give me the chinese characters for the name Keiran.
Ashley Snipes (03/05/2007 15:21:28)
Hi, could you please help me to translate the following names and words in to Chinese : Ashey, Matt, love, hate, marriage?
Thank you.
Reinilde (03/05/2007 10:49:53)
Hello, can you translate this name Reinilde to me please?
Thank you!
Hashim (03/05/2007 10:27:37)
Hi, could you please give me the chinese characters for a female singer with the name Yin Chin.
Thank you.
Abby (03/05/2007 07:31:29)
Hey, can you tell me the signs for Abby and Pez?
Thanx for your time.
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