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Jintana (07/05/2007 06:17:27)
Please translate my name on chinese .Thanks.
Erin (07/05/2007 03:42:25)
Please translate Erin into symbols
Thank you
Vildan (06/05/2007 19:01:37)
please translate my name on chinese and send me on my email [email protected]
Steve (06/05/2007 15:39:44)
Please translate the name Bailey and the numbers 99 into Chinese
MIHAI (06/05/2007 09:57:14)
please convert my name into chinese letters,please thanks
philip (06/05/2007 09:52:16)
Hi,everybody,i am a Chinese guy living in Beijing , the capital city of China.I would like to be your friends.Besides, anyone who needs translation service can contact me.
Nader (06/05/2007 04:32:38)
please translate may name to chinese
Riza Akhyar (06/05/2007 04:30:28)
Please convert my name into chinese latters, thanks.
Natalia (05/05/2007 19:46:24)
i would like to know my name in greek. thanks
silvester (05/05/2007 18:56:26)
westin (05/05/2007 16:38:57)
my name is westin can you plese translate my name. thank you.
rahul (05/05/2007 15:04:29)
can u please write RAHUL in chinese or japanese script and send me.please send it soon waiting
Trevor (05/05/2007 13:33:48)
Can u please translate Shanessa into chinese letters, Thank U for ur help...
stelios (05/05/2007 09:36:02)
stelios could you please translate it into a chinese.
Thanassis (05/05/2007 09:26:52)
My name is Thanassis - It's a greek name.
Could somebody translate it please?
Ramy (05/05/2007 06:39:08)
hi my name is Ramy(arabic Boy Nae) what is my chinese name
João Pedro de Sousa Meneses (05/05/2007 06:33:15)
Hi there my name's João Pedro de Sousa Meneses could you translate my name please?

Thank you!
Blair (04/05/2007 21:11:46)
I know that this name has a Chinese phonetic translation, because a Chinese friend has told me that of course Prime Minister Blair is referred to in newspapers and such, but it would be nice to know the characters for it. I was surprised it wasn't already in your database.
Rich (04/05/2007 16:53:07)
Hi, could you please tell me if the name Tony Lam can be translated into chinese?
Adriano (04/05/2007 16:50:17)
Hello, my name is Adriano and I'd like to get a translation of my name.
Thanks, Adriano.
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