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BRANDY (11/05/2007 14:55:12)
Justin (11/05/2007 13:39:05)
can someone translate my name please thank you
janay (11/05/2007 13:12:46)
I wouls greatly appreicate if you could translate Jaydien adonis and janelle cynne for me ive been looking and cant find them anywhere
Jennifer (11/05/2007 06:54:05)
I would like Thor translated to chinese characters.

Thank you
Philip (10/05/2007 22:35:35)
- Claymore : 克莱莫
Claymore (10/05/2007 19:08:49)
I would like to know whatt my name is in chinese symbols please I have looked on every website i could find but because my name is so unique (Claymore) I cant find it anywhere. If anyone can find it for me please email me the character thanks
Mandar (10/05/2007 11:08:27)
Hi, could you translate my full name please : Mandar Shwetal Deshmukh.
Thank you very much.
Ashlee (10/05/2007 07:12:52)
Philip (10/05/2007 00:51:30)
- Avery : 艾沃瑞
- Jacob : 杰克伯
- Roy Brown : 罗伊 布朗

I'd like to ask you for a favor. I need to find several very-frequently visited websites in the US or UK where you can post your supply and demand information for free. You know i need to let people in the US know that i can help them to translate stuff at an economical price. Thanks a million for that. My email is [email protected]

I can also accept a parter who live in the UK or US and who can find me translation infromation.We can share the money.I can help you with your Chinese too. Thanks.
Avery (09/05/2007 16:36:55)
Hi, there is no calligraphy for this name on your database, could you email me calligraphy?
Louise (09/05/2007 15:52:30)
Hi, can you tell me what my son's name Jacob means in chinese please?
Roy Brown (09/05/2007 13:12:11)
Hi, could you translate Roy Brown in Chinese please?
Thank you.
Boobalan (09/05/2007 13:06:48)
Could you please give me my chinese name with proper pronounciations.
Grant (09/05/2007 11:38:49)
Hi, could you please write Grant with chinese characters?
Hollie (09/05/2007 09:58:45)
Hi, i would like to know how to translate "Hollie" and "Liam" into Chinese.
If you could it would be a great help! Thanks.
Sally (09/05/2007 07:33:49)
Hi, could you translate Sally please?
Thank you.
Viral (09/05/2007 03:05:17)
Hi, could you please let me know how to write my name in chinese?
My name is Viral and its pronounced as : we - ral. Thanks.
Tara (09/05/2007 02:18:19)
I would like to have the most accurate translation possible for my next tattoo.
Vineet (09/05/2007 01:24:18)
Anu Bhutani
Managing Director

Andel Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
298, Industrial Area, Phase-9
Mohali -160062 Punjab India
Philip (09/05/2007 00:47:01)
To tabby
Chandler is 钱德勒
To Tibi
Actually it can be translated as 提比
for those who need translation,i will try my best to help you later ,gtg.
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