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Carla (14/05/2007 12:27:03)
Can someone translate my name please, thank you.
Ricardo (14/05/2007 12:25:23)
Could you please translate this name for me, please?
John French (14/05/2007 07:24:12)
Can you please translate the above name into chinese characters for me please and if possible please give me the meaning
Koh Khee Hong (14/05/2007 07:05:36)
Koh Khee Hong, Xu...
Baumann (14/05/2007 05:29:30)
Hi, how would you translate "Baumann" into Chinese?
Rama (14/05/2007 04:45:29)
Can you please traslate my name to chinese?
Stephen Ly (14/05/2007 01:59:26)
My full name is Stephen Ly or Ly Stephen. can anyone help me translate this? i typed stephen in and it gives me si di fen. but what would it be with my entire name.
Estefany (13/05/2007 23:35:30)
Hi, could you please translate this name, thank you ;)
Tal (13/05/2007 18:55:11)
Hi, could you help me to translate my name Tal into chinese characters for a tatoo please?
Thank you.
Shaked (13/05/2007 18:53:06)
Hi, could you please translate my name into chinese letters?
Thank you.
Teagan (13/05/2007 17:48:22)
We are adopting from China and plan to name our daughter Teagan Avery Rice - could someone translate? - thank you!
Jutawan (13/05/2007 13:29:34)
Jutawan => Ju-Ta-Wan, could you please translate this name for me, please?
Staci (12/05/2007 23:50:07)
Could you translate this form of Staci for me, please?
Aamyra (12/05/2007 23:46:46)
Could you please translate this name for me, please?
Sander (12/05/2007 10:26:39)
Could someone please translate the name of my son Coen into chinees for me.
Many thanks, Sander.
Inge (12/05/2007 09:15:28)
Philip (12/05/2007 00:42:20)
- Lee : 李
Vy Phan (11/05/2007 20:25:53)
Hi Philip, could you also translate Vy Phan in chinese please?
Ann (11/05/2007 18:53:41)
Doing ancient china in daughter's class, i want to translate names. The afro american names are the hardest can you help? Kaitlyn, Yanise, Jamile, Judelisse, Dariel, Derreasha, Se'sha, Tyler, Paige, Mikayla, Jackson and Lindsey.
Thank you very much.
Lee (11/05/2007 17:07:33)
Could someone please translate the name mel into Chinese for me. Many thanks
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