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Tanvi (16/05/2007 15:59:48)
Hi, how to translate Tanvi into Chinese please?
Matt (16/05/2007 15:33:11)
Hi, could you please translate Morgan into chinese symbols please?
Zoran (16/05/2007 15:21:22)
Could you please translate those names: Zoran, Cipot and Sunec.
Thank you.
Akriti (16/05/2007 13:50:56)
Hi, I would like to translate my name in Chinese, could you help please?
Mackenzie (16/05/2007 11:24:11)
Can you translate my kids names : Mackenzie and Tallulah.
Thank you.
Aupal (16/05/2007 11:09:35)
Hi, I've tried everywhere but I can't find my name in chinese :(
It just says not in database... please please translate it for me? Thanks.
Fran (16/05/2007 06:28:04)
Hi, if it's possible i want the name of my daughter Fran in chinese.
Thank you.
Darrian (16/05/2007 01:19:22)
Hi, could you please translate my sister's name Jahna in pinyin and character?
Sabrina (15/05/2007 19:02:24)
Could you translate Sierra for me please? thanks!
Utamaru (15/05/2007 18:56:22)
Hi, i need Chinese a translation for Utamaru heheheheh.
Thanks for your help.
Michon (15/05/2007 18:31:39)
I'm looking for the Chinese translation fot Rowan and Brianna please.
Sam (15/05/2007 13:47:29)
Hi, i'm looking for my daughter's name Reanne in chinese, to have as a tattoo.
Can you help? Thanks.
Brandy (15/05/2007 11:13:10)
Hi, could you please translate the name Brandy into Chinese?
Kiran Poonyth (15/05/2007 08:50:50)
Hi! Can you please translate these names for me?The list is quite long, so sorry if i'm asking too much but these are the names of my Grand-parents,So i would be really thankful if you could at least translate one of them!
Seewooduth/Shivduth kaviraj Poonyth
Pedro (14/05/2007 22:11:25)
Could someone translate my mother's name to Chinese?
Her name's Dirce... Thanks.
Ling (14/05/2007 19:46:44)
Could someone translate my surname into chinese.
Vasilis Kalogeropoulos (14/05/2007 17:35:28)
Could someone please help me find out how I can translate the name "Eleana" to Chinese? Is there maybe an alphabet or some kind of a list with syllables so I can make the translation? Thanks anyway!!!
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