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SWU was founded in July, 2005, by the amalgamation of two formerly individual universities, Southwest China Normal University and Southwest China Agriculture University. The history of both universities can be traced back to 100 years ago.
The university now has a total enrollment of 57,472 students, among which 12,000 are master and doctor degree candidates.

Chinese Language Programs

Well equipped facilities for learning and living for International students are offered at SWU.
18 class hours per week are ensured, and the number of students in each language class is kept under 15 so as to ensure enough chances for speaking and listening.
In addition to the required courses such as Modern Chinese Language, Communication Skills, Listening and Speaking Skills, Selected Readings in Chinese Literature, Chinese Grammar, and Business Chinese, optional courses are also offered, such as History of China, a survey of Chinese Culture, Traditional Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Martial Arts, and Chinese Cooking. Study tours in China may also be arranged the whole year round.


Each room or flat of the International Students’ Apartment of SWU is furnished with a TV set, a telephone, a bathroom (shower or bath), air-conditioning, and an access to the Internet. There are also shared kitchens, laundries, reading rooms, a gym and an recreation room, where parties may be held. There are shopping center and several banks on the campus, where traveler’s checks can be cashed, VISA, MASTER, JCB can be used, and a post-office, where international postal service is offered.

Contact information

The International Education and Exchange Centre, Southwest University
1, Tiansheng Road, Beibei,Chongqing, 400715, China

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Tel: (+86) 023-68256342 / (+86) 023-68252347
Fax: (+86) 023-68863805

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