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Located on the west coast of the Pacific, Fudan University lies in Shanghai, the most dynamic metropolis in China, which recently succeeded in the bidding to hold the 2010 World Expo.

International Students

Since the 1950s, Fudan has enrolled international students, as one of the first few institutions in China to do so. Since that time, Fudan has accepted and trained over 10,000 foreign students from 100 different countries and regions worldwide. Many students have received systematic training and have obtained Bachelor's , Master's or Doctoral Degree.
Presently there are over 1800 long-term international students in Fudan, half of whom are actively pursuing degrees, the rest are general scholars and visiting scholars. Besides, Fudan will also enroll over 600 short-term students each year.

Living conditions

Foreign Students Dormitory, located in the northwest of Fudan campus, is a 23-storey building with totally 716 rooms, 562 single rooms and 154 double rooms respectively. All double rooms are under the 14th storey. Four elevators are served in the building.

The 1st floor of building is used to routine office, including the administration department of FSO (Foreign Students Office), accommodation office, laundry house and mail office. At the north hall of the 1st storey are reception desk, mini-supermarket and guest room. Reception desk is 24 hours open. At the south hall, there is a mailbox for each room administered by staff. Basement of building is used to park bicycles.

Single bedroom
Double bedroom
From the 2nd to the 20th storey, there are 36 rooms on each storey, 18 rooms for each side. Each storey is equipped with two kitchens at the two ends of porch respectively, in which there are gas oven, refrigerator, washing machine (buy card to use), gas water heater and automatic water heater. From the 21st to the 23rd storey, there are12 rooms on each storey, 6 rooms for each side. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, balcony, air-conditioner, telephone (buy 201 card to use), wide-band access and cable TV (pay to use).

Dorm building is quite close to students dinning halls and gymnasium.

Contact information

Admission Department: Tel:(021) 6564 2258/6511 7628; Fax:(021) 6511 7298
Supervisor: Zhao Quan Yu ([email protected])

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