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We will visit:

Great Wall (Mutianyu)

This less-crowded section of the Great Wall is a pleasant drive 90km NE of Beijing. A cable car takes you to a good section (avoiding a very steep climb), where you can walk along the wall, through the watch towers and enjoy superb views as it snakes across the hills and mountains. You can return by cable car, walk down or walk along the wall for about an hour to descend by chairlift. Wear good walking shoes and protection from the weather.

Tiananmen Square

The world's largest city square and enduring symbol of China's national pride, surrounded by many imposing buildings including the Heavenly Gate (entry to the Forbidden City), Museums, government buildings and Chairman Mao's Mausole

Forbidden City

The Imperial Palace, home to 24 Emperors between 1420 and 1911. Great squares, halls and gates contrast with the intricate networks of side halls, gardens, courtyards and quarters for those who lived in this "city within a city".

Temple of Heaven

The place which was visited yearly by the emperors who performed intricate rituals to insure a good harvest for the whole nation at ancient times.

Ancient City Walls

Built during the 14th century on Tang dynasty foundations and they date from the Ming dynasty. The walls are the largest and best-preserved ancient fortress in the world. There is a gate in each of the four sides, and the gate towers built over each gate look lofty and magnificent and form a tight defence engineering system.

Shaanxi Historical Museum

The large-scale modern State-class museum, is situated at the western side of the "Wild Goose Pagoda" in Xian City. It covers an area of about 70,000 square meters, the architectural area of which is 55,000 odd square meters. It was completed on June 20, 1991 and open to the public.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Discovered in 1974 by local farmers digging a well, this is one of the most significant archeological finds of the 20th century. These 6,000 life-size painted Terracotta Warriors and Horses --individually sculpted from real-life models and arranged in battle formation have been protecting the mausoleum of the first emperor in Chinese history--Emperor QinShihuang for 2,200 years ago.

Stone Forest

A 270-million-year-old limestone karst formation of tightly bundled gray rocky outcrops, a natural wonder acknowledged as "World Karst Landscape Museum", the Stone Forest shows a variety of unique shapes, such as sword, mushrooms, tower, pillar and castle, representing the greatest miracle that nature can present to human beings.

Erhai Lake

Shaped like a human ear this lake covers over 250 square kilometers. With its vast pool of water shining under the sun like a sheet of vivid green and the snow mantles of the Cang Mountain reflecting quiveringly in it, it is known poetically as "Silver Cang Mountain and Jade-like Erhai".

Lijiang Ancient Town

Also called Dayan Town, it was built in the late Song dynasty and the early Yuan dynasty with a history of more than 800 years. This ancient town consists of clean streams flowing freely through the road network, the colorful cobbled streets, age-old swaying willow trees, age-old buildings and stone bridges. There are over 22 different ethnic minorities making Lijiang their home. Now and then you may see local folks in their own tradtional dress. Strolling around this charming ancient town, you will be attracted by the unique atmosphere and surprised by its ancient yet simple sense of "Harmony of Heaven and Man."

Black Dragon Pool Park

Where you can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from afar and the reflection of the mountain in the pool in a clear day. This park is the source of the water system of the Old Lijiang Town as the clean spring from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain gathers here.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

It is so called because it looks like a flying jade dragon from afar. The mountain consists of 13 peaks and sprawls 35 km from north to south. Its glacier is the closest to the equator in the Northern Hemisphere. By taking the cable car up to a certain height, you can enjoy the expansive mountains views and snowy scenery.

Li River Cruise

Along the river, you will be inspired by the breathtaking views of peaks and pinnacles, crystal-clear water and reflections in the water together with the serene pastoral views of rice paddies and water buffaloes.You will certainly feel like you are walking into a traditional Chinese painting by cruising on this wonderful river.

Get your tour itinary and quotation !
No payment or deposit are needed for tour designing !
Get your tour itinary and quotation !
No payment or deposit are needed for tour designing !

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival Beijing: Your flight arrives in Beijing and you and transfers to your hotel. After check in, the rest of the day is yours to accustom yourself or go out to explore the dynamic metropolis on your own.

Day 2

Beijing (B,L,D): Second day- Driving about 2.5 hours from downtown Beijing, you will get to the world-famous Mutianyu Great Wall. Riding a scenic round way cable car you will get to this best section of the Great Wall, which is less crowded and has better architecture. You can stroll and watch the spectacular views of the hills and mountains. Cloisonne, an intricate method dating back over 700 years, to produce fine enamel on a copper base, can be appreciated in Cloisonne Factory which is located in the Huairou Town. The showroom in Cloisonne Factory is a popular place for those looking for quality gifts and souvenirs.

Day 3

Beijing (B,L): Today you will get to know Beijing and its amazing history by visiting three of the city's most impressive historic attractions: Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. You will walk through Tiananmen Square and the splendid Forbidden City, the previous home, the "city within a city", to 24 emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties for 600 years (1368 -1911). Imperial architectures, Great squares, halls and gates that contrast with the intricate networks of side halls, gardens, courtyards and ornaments make it a must-see of China. We believe that the Forbidden City is really one of the great destinations worth your visit. The Tiananmen Gate connects the Forbidden City to Tiananmen Square, the world's largest plaza in the world, with a capacity of 1 million people. It is an enduring symbol of China's national pride, surrounded by many impressive buildings including Museums, government buildings and Chairman Mao's Mausole. We will also visit the Temple of Heaven, dating from the 15th century, Built in the Ming and Qing dynasties. There, emperors presided at annual rituals for a national good harvest. Temple of Heaven is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting the Lizexiang Pearl Store will give you a chance to see how freshwater pearls are produced and to learn to spot a fake, and of course, to buy one of the beautiful items in the outlet (no pressure!)

Day 4

Beijing to Xian (B,L): This morning you will take a 2 hours flight from Beijing to Xian, visit Shaanxi History Museum and will bike on Xian City Wall. Xian is one of the four capitals of the world.s ancient civilizations, a city with a history of over 3100 years. Shaanxi History Museum - The large-scale modern State-class museum, is situated at the western side of the "Wild Goose Pagoda". The museum introduces the visitor to area's rich culture, from Emperor Qin Shihuang to the present day. A vast and impressive collection is beautifully displayed in four galleries in a large, Tang-style pavilion. The ancient City Wall, which stretches round the old city, is also one of the most famous attractions in Xian. It was built in the 13th century on the foundations of the original Tang Forbidden City and it is the best preserved, as well as the oldest and largest of the city defense systems in China. If weather permits you will have a great time exploring the wall on bicycles.

Day 5

Xian to Kunming (B,L): Today you travel back in time to three different time periods in! The Terracotta Warriors and Horses is one of China.s most celebrated archaeological discoveries, discovered in 1974. Your guide will show you over 8,000 soldiers, 130 bronze chariots and nearly 700 horses that guarded Emperor Qin's tomb since 210BC. Walking into Emperor Qin.s Mausoleum you'll be amazed at the various relics exhibiting the life of a powerful and rich ruler. Don't forget to wear comfortable walking shoes! The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a giant Buddhist relic, was built in 652 during the Tang Dynasty, to house the Buddhist materials that Xuanzang (Tripitaka) brought back from his journey to India. A simple, elegant brick Pagoda stands at 210 feet (64 meters) in the grounds of the attractive Da Ci'en Temple, offering magnificent views of Returning to the 21th century, you will be able to take a breath visiting Xi'an Imperial Fine Arts center, where you can rake some jade carvings and lacquer ware to take home with you. After all today's activities you will fly to Kunming.

Day 6

Kunming (B,L): After a delicious breakfast you will take the bus and drive 120 km southeast from Kunming, to the Stone Forest. The magnificent, strange and steep landscape of the Stone Forest creates countless views, all of which feature stones in various shapes and formations. Animals, plants, and even human figures can be seen. The various shapes were created by ancient winds and water erosion over millions of years. Your next stop will be Jiuxiang, where you will find the amazing karst Jiuxiang Caves. Inside the caves are many well-defined and wonderful shapes, which look like welcoming fairies. Different names were given to them such as "Fairies Welcoming Guests", "Woman Weaver" and "The Fairy is coming out of bathing". After climbing the caves, you can wind down in the Colorful Yunnan Shopping Center, a shopping complex with shops and restaurants, where you can shop at the largest jade shop in China.

Day 7

Kunming to Dali (B,L): On this day you will fly from Kunming to Dali. Arriving in Dali you will visit the Houses of Bai People in Xizhou, and take a relaxing cruise on the Erhai Lake. 16 kilometers away from the Ancient City of Dali we will find The Houses of Bai people in Xizhou. Xizhou is regarded as a town that is famous for the Bai minority culture. The old houses and streets are well preserved, through which visitors may still find exquisite paintings showing the art atmosphere. In addition to its being a famous historic city, Xizhou is a typical commercial town of Bai people, one of the cradles of National capitalism. Cruise on the Erhai Lake: the lake has a shape of an ear, therefore the name: Erhai (Ear Lake). It stretches 42km from north to south and 3.9km from east to west. It is ranked the seventh freshwater lake in China by area and water storage. on the Erhai Lake is reputed as having a beautiful scenery. The famous sights of the Erhai Lake include three islands, Four Lands, and Nine Curves. Many beautiful spots surround the lake, the Erhai Park, the Xizhou Mid-sea Pavilion, the Haishe and the Double-Corridor.

Day 8

Dali to Lijiang (B,L): Spend about 4 hours driving from Dali you will reach Lijiang. Lijiang Ancient Town is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The World Heritage Commission called it 'an exceptional ancient town set in a dramatic landscape which represents the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions to produce an urban landscape of outstanding quality'. Lijiang Ancient Town is a key commercial and strategic site, a famous city in China for beautifully retaining its authentic history and culture. Its architecture is unique, merging elements from several cultures that have combined over centuries. A point of special interest is the ancient water-supply that still functions today. After exploring Lijiang Ancient Town we will visit The Black Dragon Pool. The beautiful pool is listed in the Collections of Famous Pools of China. It is surrounded by green grass and shaded by willow trees. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is reflected in the water. A beautiful site indeed!

Day 9

Lijiang (B,L): After your breakfast you will drive to Yunshanping on the Jade Snow Mountain. Yunshanping in Chinese is "Dragon Spruce Meadow". It is a large patch of meadow hidden on the eastern side of the Yulong Snow Mountain. A chairlift will take you up to a height of 3240 meters. The best way to enjoy the beautiful views and to get used to the height is to walk really slowly. It is advisable to have a warm garment with you. Descending from this awesome mountain, you will catch your breath and drive to Baisha Murals at Baisha Village, 10km north of Lijiang. This interesting place was the cradle of the Naxi culture and ancient capital of the Naxi Kingdom. Painted over a thousand years ago, the original paintings and figures within the murals reflect and display the life stories and religious cultures of Buddhism, Lamaism, Taoism and local Naxi Dongba religion's development into Naxi discipline.

Day 10

Lijiang to Kunming to Guilin (B): On today's schedule is arriving in Guilin. You will take a flight from Lijiang to Kunming and then to Guilin.

Day 11

Guilin (B,L): We hope you got a good night sleep and are ready for today's adventures, Li River Cruise and Yangshuo Countryside Cycling. The Li River Cruise, which takes around 4 hours, is really an unforgettable experience. The Li River is a gem on China's tourist list of attractions and it is the highlight of any tour in Guilin. The scenery is stunning, and every turn in the river reveals something new and beautiful. You will be fascinated by the gently sloping peaks, green hills and crystal clear water. The Li River is located amid steep peaks hung with waterfalls. Poets sang about this breath-taking site: "He who travels in Guilin hills finds himself in a fairyland", and "He who sails along the Li River finds himself boating in a sweet dream." From the peaceful scenery of the Li River you will jump to the bustling of Yangshuo traffic, but not for long. You will escape to the scenic and quiet Yangshuo Countryside. Riding a bicycle is the best way to take a close look and experience China.s country life. The paddy fields, orchards, animals and fresh air will help you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Day 12

Departure Guilin (B): After breakfast you will be transferred to the Airport. Bon voyage!

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No payment or deposit are needed for tour designing !
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