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We will visit:

Tiananmen Square

The world's largest city square and enduring symbol of China's national pride, surrounded by many imposing buildings including the Heavenly Gate (entry to the Forbidden City), Museums, government buildings and Chairman Mao's Mausole

Forbidden City

The Imperial Palace, home to 24 Emperors between 1420 and 1911. Great squares, halls and gates contrast with the intricate networks of side halls, gardens, courtyards and quarters for those who lived in this "city within a city".


The old narrow paths with lots of courtyard homes where common people are living. They are like villages within megalopolis. Through the hutongs' teeming maze of alleyways, you will see the old houses and learn about the daily life

Temple of Heaven

The place which was visited yearly by the emperors who performed intricate rituals to insure a good harvest for the whole nation at ancient times.

Summer Palace

Much-loved summer retreat of the Imperial families, the lovely landscaped gardens, halls, pavilions and corridors are set around the lake and rivers in natural harmony. You can expect to spend 2-3 hours here

Great Wall (Simatai)

This dizzying section of the Great Wall is for the very fit - it's extremely steep, and unrestored, therefore quite challenging in places. The reward for the energetic who are prepared to tackle it is that it's also very beautiful, far less crowded and has some fascinating architecture. Be prepared!

Imperial Summer Villa

Started to be built in 1703 and finished in about 90 years, it is now the biggest Imperial Garden in China covering 590 hectares. The area, encircled by a splendid 10km wall, was where the emperors and dignitaries in Qing Dynasty (1

Get your tour itinary and quotation !
No payment or deposit are needed for tour designing !
Get your tour itinary and quotation !
No payment or deposit are needed for tour designing !

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Beijing: Arrive in Beijing and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2

Beijing (B, L): Depart from your hotel l in the morning; you will enjoy a full day of sights seeing: Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, Treasure Houses, Hutong Tour in Xicheng District and Li Heng Tang Pearl Store.
Tiananmen Square, the world's largest plaza in the world, has a capacity of 1 million people. It is an enduring symbol of China's national pride, surrounded by many impressive buildings including Museums, government buildings and Chairman Mao's Mausole. Passing through Tiananmen Gate, you will enter the splendid Forbidden City, the previous home, "city within a city", to 24 emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties for 600 years. Imperial architectures, intricate gardens, quarters and ornaments make it a must-see of China.
We will spend around half an hour at the Treasure Houses. Treasure house has undergone four renovations, and today is around 220 m². It contains hundreds of treasures, more than 440 of which that are on display in the Treasure Houses belonged to Qing dynasty royalty. This is indeed a very interesting place worthy of your attention.
Later in the day you will take a rickshaw tour in Hutongs (=alleys) , in Xicheng District, old narrow paths with courtyard homes where ordinary residents are living. Through the Hutongs' teeming maze of alleyways, you will see the old houses and learn about the daily life.
Stopping in Li Heng Tang Pearl Store will give you a chance to see how freshwater pearls are produced and to learn to spot a fake, and of course, to buy one of the beautiful items in the outlet.

Day 3

Beijing (B, L): Today you will continue exploring star attractions in Beijing: Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Exterior visit of Beijing Olympic Stadiums.
Temple of Heaven, dating from the 15th century, was built during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Temple of Heaven is decorated in blue, the shade of the Heavens. There, emperors presided at annual rituals for a national good harvest. Temple of Heaven is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Our next stop is the Summer Palace ('Yiheyuan'=Garden of Nurtured Harmony), about 12 kilometers northwest of the Beijing center. The Summer Palace is a vast, 260-year-old summer retreat of the Imperial families. You will be amazed at the beauty and regality of this well-preserved imperial garden, one of the UNESCO's World Heritage List. It is also possible to cruise on the lake, about 10 minutes by the ferry boat.
Continue to exterior visit of Beijing Olympic Stadiums (Bird's Nest and Water Cube) . It is a large area of 1215 hectares, contains National museum, the Olympic Village and the Olympic competition avenues, which were constructed for 2008 Summer Olympic Games. You will explore the park, but it doesn't include going inside the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.

Day 4

Beijing to Chengde (B, L): Today you will take a trip to The Simatai Great Wall, 120 km northeast of Beijing, and then you will drive (90km) to reach Chengde and stay there overnight.
Simatai section of the Great Wall is considered to be more attractive than the sections Badaling and Mutianyu. It is an undeveloped but well-preserved site, one of the few to retain the original features of the Ming dynasty. A strategic pass in the eastern part of the Great Wall, it possesses the most enchanting scene of the Great Wall. Being very steep, it has the advantage of the breath-taking scenic views surrounding the Great Wall, and is the best choice for hikers and photographers.

Day 5

Chengde to Beijing (B, L): You will have a chance today to visit one of the most significant historic cities of China, Chengde, and exploring some of its most well-known temples. In the afternoon you will drive back to Beijing (around 240 km). We will tour Chengde Summer Palace, Xumi Fushou Temple, Putuozongcheng Temple and Puning Temple.
Chengde Summer Palace – Mountain Resort - literally means "Mountain Villa for Avoiding the Heat". To this place the Qing emperors went to escape from the heat, conducting state affairs from there. It is a magnificent resort with 12 Buddhist temples at its periphery, variety of gardens, pagodas, temples and palaces, so it can be said to be a culmination from various regions of China.
The Xumi Fushou Temple "Temple of Happiness and Longevity of the Sumeru Mountain", located in the north of the park complex of the Chengde Mountain Resort, is one of the "Eight Outer Temples" in Chengde. It covers an area of 37,900 m², a fusion of Chinese and Tibetan architectural style. It was built for the sixth Panchan Lama who traveled from Tibet to Chengde in 1870 and therefore looks like the Tashilhunpo Monastery in Tibet.
Putuozongcheng Temple: The temple was modeled after the Potala Palace of Tibet, the old sanctuary of the Dalai Lama built a century earlier. The temple complex covers 220,000 m², making it one of the largest in China. Many of its halls and pavilions are adorned with copper and gold tiled roofs, adding to the majesty of the site.
Puning Temple: Punning Temple ('Big Buddha Temple'), literally means "Temple of Universal Peace", has the world's largest wooden Buddha (22.28-meter-high and 110-ton), to show the Qing's respect to the ethnic minorities. it is one of the "Eight Outer Temples" of Chengde. The Puning Temple was modeled after the Samye Monastery, the sacred Lamaist site in Tibet.

Day 6

Departure Beijing (B): Depart Beijing, transfer to the airport, bidding a fond farewell to this ancient land.

Get your tour itinary and quotation !
No payment or deposit are needed for tour designing !
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